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Welcome to Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards! We are an original romance awards site. Our rounds run through the summer season (click here for more information). We have many additional features on the site geared towards aiding the aspiring author. Our goal? To bring depth and fun to an otherwise patronized genre and to create an archive for some of the best romance-intensive fiction published online.

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10 November 2014

We have extended the nomination period! Continue nominating. :) Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to the left for updates on which categories may need some more lovin'.

Hopefully we can get a new layout soon -- if anyone with graphics expertise wants to help out, drop us a line!

love, skow

8 October 2014


New layout incoming. Get your nominations in! :)

love, skow

5 October 2014

A few hiccups and a delay in getting our round going, but we can assure you it's definitely moving! The new categories have been announced and with that, the judges who will be helping us out this round. Check out the Categories page to learn more.

No new judges this time around since we have enough veteran judges returning. Thank you all for submitting your feedback about which categories you liked! We definitely took them into consideration when putting the categories list together.

It's almost time for nominations! Just a few more things to get ready and then we will have everything set. Nearly all of the winners' graphics have been migrated to our new Flickr account -- just a couple rounds missing now. Look forward to some more changes!

love, skow

12 September 2014

It's been a good long while since the last update, hasn't it? It's about time SKoW is back in business, right? We are having a new round! Instead of a summer round, we will instead be having a Fall Round. Check out the tentative dates to the left for more info on that.

As with all new rounds, we have a lot of prep to do. So what exactly are we doing?

So what's next? In our new few updates, you can look forward to: the announcement of what the categories for this round will be, the names of the new judges, a new layout (!!) and explanation of the theme, and more!

love, skow

Past Updates

Updates from August 6, 2013 to December 13, 2007.
All updates from 2005-2007 have been purged as our freewebs site has also been deleted.


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