25 August 2013

The winners have been announced! Go check them out. :) The graphics were designed by the talented and wonderful Elena, who is new to our staff this round. Send her much love because she's been working on these graphics long before the final nominees list had even been released so that we could have them in time for the round's end. ♥

Most of all, thank you to my amazing judging staff who helped keep this round from falling apart at the seams even when it felt like we may not have a round at all. So to Kerri, Nettie, Ashes, Cindy, Candice, Ellie, Sonika (congratulations on getting married!), Meagan, Drew, Jackie, Grace, Bree, Sophie, and Gracie -- THANK YOU. ♥

We will be having another awarding round next summer. This winter, we will be having the mother of all prompt marathons which spawned quite a few of our nominees this round. In the meantime, we will be having quite a few prompts running sporadically, so keep checking back!

love, skow

6 August 2013

The entire nominees list has been updated and voting for all categories has commenced! Please make sure to cast a vote in every category. Every vote counts! There have been awards in the past that were won by a single vote.

love, skow

5 August 2013

A few more categories have opened up. Cast your vote!

Mad love to Erin again for this layout. ♥ Smother her with all your love and appreciation, if you please. You should've known a Mulan layout was coming with a theme like Reflections. :)

Also, some new "I'm Nominated!" avatars have been created, also by Erin. These are some fun buttons that you can display wherever you may choose to if you are a nominated author.

love, skow

4 August 2013

Voting has begun!... but not for all categories. We have opened the categories ready for voting, but there are still some categories that are being finalized. The nominees list currently up in not the final version. We will let you know when it has been finalized.

You will notice when you go to the voting page that there are categories marked with an asterisk * -- this means that the category is not open for voting quite yet and the nominees for that category have yet to be finalized. We would have liked to open all the categories all together, but this round has been delayed enough as it is that we want to get it moving right away.

We are hoping to finalize the nominees by tomorrow. In the meantime, get to reading! There are many stories up that need your vote. As a special treat, we'll be uploading a new layout to be displayed tomorrow!

love, skow

29 July 2013

With the exception of Best MC Portrayal, all nominations have been closed! Thank you all for submitting your nominations. We greatly appreciate them. :) Please continue nomination for Best MC Portrayal until August 2nd while you wait for the whole nominees list to be posted!

Voting forms will open on August 4th. Keep checking back here as more nominees will be posted as they come in.

love, skow

27 July 2013

Please note the changes to the round's schedule! We have been updating as much as we can, but due to the round's slow start, we've had to have a few delays.

If you have nominated anything for Best MC Portrayal, please resend it as we have not received any of the nominations due to a form error. That error has since been fixed.

Many of you will not receive a confirmation e-mail upon nomination. To ensure that your nomination has gone through, please e-mail the judge in charge of that category and they will confirm it for you. Otherwise, if you have reached the Thank You page on SKoW, then you can be assured that it has in fact gone through.

We'll be keeping you updated mainly through our Facebook and Twitter. Important updates will also go through our Tumblr. The Cbox is also a great place to get questions answered and see messages from the judges themselves.

love, skow

30 June 2013

We did it! We managed to get the round started! Woohoo, confetti all around! Now it's up to you. Send us your nominations! The only way we continue to function as we do now is because people nominate themselves or their favorite authors. The process can be entirely anonymous if you so wish, so there's really no reason for you not to nominate! :D

In the meantime, please welcome three new additions to our judging staff: Bree, Sophie, and Gracie! Don't confuse Gracie with Grace. They are two different people, so please do mind where your e-mails end up.

We'll be keeping you updated through our various social media. We're going out of our way to become super accessible to you so that the entire process is wonderful and beautiful. Check out our Facebook, our Twitter, and most recently, our new Tumblr! As always, we are also accessible through e-mail. All of our contact information can be found on the Staff page. If you're wondering who to contact about a certain category, they are all also listed on the Categories page. We've streamlined the site, getting rid of old features so that you can access information easier.

Now, hop to it! Get to nominating! The judges are braced and ready for the onslaught.

love, skow

22 June 2013

We're having a few issues getting the round going, so sit tight for a bit. In the meantime, get your nominations ready! This also means that the deadline for applying to be a judge has been extended until June 27. I've already received a few, so if you've been itching to be a judge but didn't fill out the application on time, now's your chance!

love, skow

12 June 2013

New round is coming! Hooray! So many announcements to share with you all -- it's crazy. Try to keep up!

1. Applications for Judges and Graphics Specialists are now open! We are in need of new judges and graphics specialists. If you would like to contribute your talent to the site, do consider applying!

As you will see, it is the same as the previous round's application. If you applied to be a staff member last round, I do still have your application. If you wish to apply again and you want to keep the same answers, drop me a line and let me know!

If you wish to be a judge, please first read the Judge Duties and Responsibilities. If you think you'll be able to handle it, the next step is fill in the Judge Application. The application form is the exact same as it was last time around. If you need to view the questions and save your answers to them beforehand, here is a document version of the file. However, I will not accept any applications over e-mail. I will only accept applications sent in through the form. You may send me an e-mail to confirm that I have received your application, if you so wish.

Judge applications are due by June 19. Decisions will be released on the evening of June 20.

If you wish to apply to be a graphics specialist, simply send me samples of your work through skowawards[at]gmail.com and tell me what kind of work you think you would be able to do for the site. We are in need of people who can design layouts, create award graphics, and small graphics (buttons, avatars, etc.).

2. New staff! Please welcome Kerri, my new assistant/intern/apprentice/padawan. She'll be helping me out with running the site and doing various administrative tasks. She's also my roommate. If you ever need to contact me and I'm taking too long to respond or what have you, then feel free to contact her and she can either help you or pass along the message to me directly. She will be introducing herself in the Cbox, so feel free to drop a line to show her love.

3. Tumblr! We now also have a Tumblr! All of the challenges that were previously stored in the Yahoo! Group will now be archived on our Tumblr. Future challenges will also be posted there. We are slowly migrating away from Yahoo! Groups as it no longer serves our needs as necessary and this is the first step.

4. New category! The categories for this new round are available for viewing here. Please note that they are not all the same ones as last round. We are adding a new category titled: Best Confession. It's pretty self-explanatory.

5. New theme + tentative dates! We'll reveal more about the theme when the round begins.

You'll notice a lot of little things changing around the site as we are making a considerable effort to update the site, cleaning up pages, streamlining navigation around the site, and making it generally more user-friendly. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our new Tumblr for all the latest updates.

love, skow

18 December 2012

In lieu of a winter round, we will be having a series of prompts instead! No worries -- the summer season is still intact. Get ready to start writing! Each prompt challenge will only last for a few days before it will close and there will be at least two prompts going on at once.

In an effort to promote the existence of our Facebook page, this prompt marathon will be entirely administered through SKoW's Facebook page, located at http://www.facebook.com/SKoWAwards. No worries, you do not need to have a Facebook account to participate. However, all announcements regarding this prompt marathon shall be posted on that page from now on, so keep checking!

If you are subscribed to SKoW through Twitter, you can also receive notifications of new Facebook updates through there, as our SKoW Facebook does post directly to our Twitter account as well.

Best of luck!

25 September 2012

The winners are here! After two months of nominating, reading, voting, and waiting, we finally have the winners! To see them, hover over "Winners" to the right and choose your option of viewing. You can see the beautiful graphics designed by Charlotte by clicking on "Graphics". If you want a text link to the winners, you can click "Text Only". Winners, please save the graphcis to your own servers instead of direct-linking to our site as the links are not permanent.

A huge THANK YOU to all my staff for this round for helping each other out and working under constant pressure to deliver. They have done wonderfully. Please send lots and lots of love to Charlotte for designing all of these graphics!

No estimation for when the next round will be as of yet. In between, we might have a few prompts now and then as well! Until then, enjoy this round's winners and nominees!

23 August 2012

All of the categories are finally open and voting period is underway! Make sure you read all the nominees before you vote. If you have any comments for the authors, please leave a review! Authors appreciate reviews, especially constructive criticism.

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new layout! This work of art was done by Charlotte. It features Princess Merida from the movie Brave. Send all your love and praise to Charlotte for her genius in designing this!

Please also send your love and support to my wonderful, wonderful judges who have toiled through all the stresses they undergo in their daily lives to give a little extra time to SKoW to judge the stories. They are amazing people and they deserve all the praises!

23 July 2012

New prompt up! Submissions due by July 31. Check it out at Features >> Prompt >> Current and send in your submission at Features >> Prompt >> Submit. Go!

In the meantime, please keep nominating for your favorite stories! We are seriously lacking in some reading material. Best Poetry is in need of some lovin' in particular so if you're up to it, please direct your attention to that category!

8 July 2012

LET THE ROUND BEGIN! Confetti all around!

So... what's new?

1. Category switch-up! Since we haven't had a legitimate round in ages, I decided to put together all of my favorite categories from both winter and summer rounds and mash them all up in the same round! You should check the categories page to see what that's all about.

2. New theme! The theme for this round is Heroes. For the opening of the round, we're starting off with Spiderman, Andrew Garfield edition. This particular layout was made by Erin, who is a new graphics specialist with SKoW. Send her love, flowers, perfume, and other shows of adoration for this beauty!

3. New staff members! Speaking of new staff -- in addition to Erin, we've got four new judges on staff! Give a warm welcome to MaGa, Drew, Jackie, and Grace who will be helping us out this round. Of course, I can't forget the judges who have stayed with us from past rounds. Lots of love to all of them!

4. New... award? That's right! There is going to be a new award this round. We are adding two new awards: Story of the Year and Author of the Year. Someone made a comment last year, wondering what the most prestigious awards SKoW gives out were. Well, wonder no more! These awards are the "Best of the Best" awards. Let me explain.

Each judge nominates one story for Story of the Year and one author for Author of the Year. As there are 15 judges, there can be up to 15 initial nominees (some judges may duplicate nominees). All nominated stories and authors will be voted on by the SKoW general public during the voting period. The top 5 with the most votes will then be judged by the staff again and we will decide collectively on a final winner as a panel.

For this round, all nominees must be picked from the Hall of Fame. They must still be archived on FictionPress or some other accessible site so that all readers, new and veteran, may read them again. In the future, only Story of the Year will be awarded in the winter while Author of the Year will be awarded during the summer. More details about how each award will work in the future will be released at a later date. The Author of the Year award will eventually replace the category of Amazing Wordsmith.

Questions? I know it's a lot to take in. For now, just go with it!

5. We're on Facebook! That's right, our Facebook page is now open. :) If you'd like updates from SKoW directly on your Facebook feed, like us on Facebook! The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/SKoWAwards For the rest of the ways to keep updated with SKoW, go to our Subscription page!


24 June 2012

When I say hiatus, I meant it. SKoW is not gone, just temporarily put on the back burner. But now, we have returned! And better than ever.

As you can see, the new tentative dates are listed to the left. I am working with my current staff to get the site going again, but I am in need of new ones. If you applied to be a staff member last round, I do still have your application. I have sent you an e-mail asking if you wish for me to keep it. Please reply to that e-mail!

If you wish to be a judge, please first read the Judge Duties and Responsibilities. If you think you'll be able to handle it, the next step is fill in the Judge Application. The application form is the exact same as it was last time around. If you need to view the questions and save your answers to them beforehand, here is the document for the application: click me! I will not accept any applications over e-mail. I will only accept applications sent in through the form. You may send me an e-mail to confirm that I have received your application, if you so wish. Judge applications are due by July 1. Decisions will be released on the evening of July 3.

As always, I am accepting graphic specialist applications on a rolling basis. If you wish to apply, simply send me an e-mail with your contact details and any graphics you made in the past so I can see what you are capable of doing. I am particularly looking for people capable of making headers for the site. I may be converting the site to WordPress at some point, so I need people to help out creating graphics.

The hiatus is over! Rejoice!

6 February 2012

Here it is, the inevitable update. I'll spare you the details and simply state the facts. It seems I am incapable of running the round while the school year is ongoing. I wish I could say that Summer Round will definitely happen, too, but I don't want to make any more promises that I don't know if I can keep or not. As of right now, SKoW will be on indefinite hiatus.

Thank you for your infinite support and interest. I hope we can meet again soon. :)

24 November 2011

Ahh, it's been far too long. Here I am, again. So sorry for the long wait I've been putting you all through! If you follow me on Twitter, you know how stressful life is at the moment. However! Things have improved as of late, so I am now ready to run SKoW again.

After consulting with my past staff members, I have determined that I am in need of some new staff! :D Specifically, judges. Are you interested in being a judge? First, read the Judge Duties and Responsibilities. If you think you'll be able to handle it, the next step is fill in the Judge Application. I've made applying much easier this time by providing an online form by which you can submit your application. If you need to view the questions and save your answers to them beforehand, here is the document for the application: click me! I will not accept any applications over e-mail. I will only accept applications sent in through the form. You may send me an e-mail to confirm that I have received your application, if you so wish. Judge applications are due by December 7. Decisions will be released on December 10.

As always, I am accepting graphic specialist applications on a rolling basis. If you wish to apply, simply send me an e-mail with your contact details and any graphics you made in the past so I can see what you are capable of doing.

Hope to see your application! :)

21 October 2011

After a long, long hiatus, I'm back! SKoW's back! Throw confetti in the air, blow some bubbles, kiss a baby, SKoW is back!

A lot of new things are on the way, so stick around and keep an eye out for them! In the meantime, enjoy this layout! I honestly have no idea who made this layout. Someone submitted it to me ages ago, and I still haveyet to figure out who it was. If this is your layout, please let me know so I can properly credit you!


Also, keep an eye out for judge and graphics specialist applications to come out very soon. We're going to need a stellar staff to have the best possible comeback, right? Let's go!

5 June 2011

Ah, the announcement I never want to make. Let me make it official, though. SKoW is officially on hiatus for the summer. If it was possible, I am more busy this summer than I ever was during the school year and as such, I would not have the time to run this site. Don't worry, though! I definitely plan on conducting Round 12 in the Winter. Keep a look out! :)

Round 11 award graphics have been ready! I have not had access to the SKoW website in a while, so I haven't yet uploaded them to the site itself. If you wish to see the graphics, they are available here. The password is romnom11. IMPORTANT! DO NOT USE THE DIRECT LINK. Download the image to your own files and upload it to a different image hosting site such as tinypic.

28 March 2011

And finally, after so much delay, the winners for Round 11 have been released! *cue raucous cheers* Congratulations! Your graphics will be made available to you as soon as they are made available to me. :)

Hall of Fame graphics have been released for the winners previously announced. Please send much love to Cheryl, who made these beauties as she has done for all the past Hall of Fame graphics. Congratulations, once again! EDIT: The rest of the Hall of Fame graphics will be uploaded tomorrow, as I was unable to upload all of them tonight.

Kudos for this dazzler of a layout goes to Jamie (who is also making the winners' graphics, so consider this a preview of what they will look like!). Send her much love as well!

21 February 2011

Here it is! After many delays and numerous nominees (a single category received nearly 100 nominations alone!), the final nominees list has been uploaded and now we are ready to begin the voting period! Please mind the voting guidelines -- you may vote once for every category (once for each category's sub-categories) and that's it! Please take the time to read each nominee and judge for yourself which one you think deserves to win the award.

A few things to note: due to the lower number of nominees, the categories of Best Cliche, Best Non-Romance, and Most Creative Plot were all merged under one category for this round only (no more subcategories of Complete/Incomplete). They will all have a Winner, Runner-Up, and Judges' Pick instead.

As you may notice, WE HAVE A NEW URL! TIME TO CELEBRATE! :D After so many years of having other site names attached to ours, we finally have our own domain, thanks to the lovely Sasha at delicatedreams.org who offered to give us our domain name AND host us. SEND HER LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE! ♥

This new layout is another one by the lovely Anda. :) Continuing with our theme of Casino Royale, here is one with a more Las Vegas feel to it. :) Send her your kudos!

6 February 2011

Don't have time to write much but here's what I did!

1. Extended the nomination period. KEEP NOMINATING!
2. Extended the round, woohoo!
3. New Hall of Fame inductees, as seen below. Congratulations! They will get their graphics when they are ready.
Stories HoF:
1. The V Word by Lulai: Round 2 (Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Complete) and Round 3 (Best Portrayed Hero/Heroine Complete and Best Makeout Scene Complete.)
2. The Reality of Fairy Tales by Pareathe: Round 2 (Best Portrayed Hero/Heroine Judge's Pick), Round 4 (Most Creative Plot Complete) and Round 6 (Happily Ever After Award Judge's Pick.)
Authors HoF:
1. Le Meg: Round 6 (Best Challenge Response Winner and Reader's Pick), Round 7 (Best One Liner Winner and Judge's Pick) and Round 8 (Most Memorable Judge's Pick and Amazing Wordsmith.) The stories are: The Eleventh Annual Hide or Die Summer Challenge and The Ghost Stone. Total awards: 6.
2. Stillill: Round 4 (Best M Rated Judge's Pick), Round 5 (Best Chemistry Winner), Round 10 (Best Chemistry Winner, Amazing Wordsmith Runner up and Quirkiest Chapter Name Runner up.) The stories are: Better than Burroughs and Writing Class. Total awards: 5.
3. All Over You: Round 9 (Best supporting Character Winner, Best Cliche Complete and Incomplete and Best Breakout author Runner up) and Round 10 (Best Love Triangle Complete and Best Series Winner.) The stories are: Love Game, Good Girls Go Bad and Boys Like You. The series is: Mastersons Series. Total awards: 6.
4. hi-tanner85: Round 5 (Most Creative Plot Incomplete and Most Humorous Complete), Round 8 (Best Het Complete), Round 9 (Best Original Universe Winner) and Round 10 (Best Chemistry Judge's Pick.) The stories are: Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert, Lucian Boom Invisible Headcase and Skinny Dipping With Grove Murray. Total awards: 5.
5. the milk bottle: Round 8 (Amazing Wordsmith Runner up and Sweetest Treat Award Runner up), Round 9 (Best Slash Incomplete and Best Drama Runner up) and Round 10 (Best Chemistry Incomplete and Happily Ever After Award.) The stories are: Because Elliot Rhymes with Idiot, To Love A Loser, Quinntessential and My Meaningless Existence at a Frozen Yogurt Shop. Total awards: 6.

4. Updated nominees list!
5. New poll on the new site name. Go vote! Just once is enough. :)

31 January 2011

And now another nomination period begins! We have not been receiving as many nominations as we'd hoped for. The following categories need some lovin': Best Drabble and Best Non-Romance in particular need some more nominations. Remember -- you can submit three different nominations for every category every day! The other categories need some lovin' too, so don't hold back, yeah?

In the case that we don't have enough nominees to choose from, I may extend the nomination period once again, so keep checking back. :)

24 January 2011

The first nomination period is now over. The judges will be going over the nominations they have received. Come back on the 30th for the second nomination period!

The list of nominees will be updated within the next day. They will be updated again at the beginning of the second nomination period. They will be updated once more at the end of the second nomination period. The final update will be on the day the voting period begins.

9 January 2011

Nomination forms are up. Round Eleven has officially begun! If you experience any errors with any of the forms, please drop me a line somewhere (Cbox, Twitter, e-mail, Yahoo! Group) and I'll get right onto fixing it. I encountered many errors while making them, so I can imagine there must be a few that I am missing.

Layout pending. If you hang around for another hour, it should be up very soon! Layout is now up! This one was made by the lovely Anda, who is new to our graphics design team! Send her some kudos, yeah? (:

There will be a change to the nomination period, as you may have noticed by dates on the right. We will have two nomination periods, so as to relieve the burden from the judges, since they have been receiving incredible amounts of nominations last minute and are unable to finish them on time. Here is how it will work:

Nomination Period 1: Initial nominations. Lasts for two weeks. Cuts off for a week, roughly half of each category is filled by the end of the two days.
Nomination Period 2: Final nominations. Lasts for one week. Cuts off for three days for judge processing period, each category will be done with nominations, voting period will begin two days afterward.

So in essence, a story will have a better chance of being nominated if it is nominated early, as more slots will be open earlier rather than later. This is our way of encouraging you to nominate early! (: This is a trial run -- we may or may not keep this next round depending on how well it actually works.

3 January 2011


Aiya.. I'm going to have to get used to writing 2011 now. Anyway. I'll keep this short, since I seem to be getting wordy nowadays.

Prompt winners are announced. Look to the right! Congratulations! Links will be uploaded as soon as the authors provide them.

Theme announced! Curious?

Tentative dates changed! Really, only the beginning of the round is changed. Everything else remains the same. Get your nominations ready!

With a new round comes a new category -- since the Innocence Award has proven to be somewhat lackluster in drawing nominations, we have decided to retire the category in favor of a new one: Best Drabble! More details on that later. :)

Keep checking back here! The best possible way to receive updates is to hang around the cbox or to follow the SKoWAwards twitter, which conveniently has a box to the right.

4 December 2010

Well! It has been a while, hasn't it? I'm here with a gigantic update, so get ready!

First, judge applications are now open! If you look to the right, you will see the tentative dates I have set for this round. Judges need to be around until the voting period starts (and by then, you will need to decide on your judges' pick), so make sure you are absolutely available around that time! The judge application is located here (.doc format) and here (Google Docs). If you cannot access either of the two links, drop me an e-mail and I can forward you the actual document as an attachment. Applications are due on December 20. Judges will be announced on the 22nd.

In addition, I am also looking for graphics specialists! :) If you are looking to apply to be a GS, you will need to provide me with samples of your work. You must provide two of any of the following:
1) websites that feature your layout or any of your graphics (has to feature your name or your alias on the graphic itself for this to be valid; deviantART works fine for me)
2) original graphics you've designed in the past
3) an award/button/layout you've designed specifically for the site

Submit your samples to skowawards[at]gmail.com and we can talk more about what you can do for our community. :)

Lastly, there is a new prompt called "P7: My True Love Gave To Me". Check it out here: click me!

3 November 2010

Woohoo, prompt winners! :) I had an internal battle spanning days judging these submissions. They were all very strong contenders. In the end, I came out with these two. After sleeping on the decision day after day, I finally decided not to hog them anymore, release them to the world, and declare them both winners. Go read them! And congratulate our winning authors. :)

Do you want another prompt this month? It is National Novel Writing(?) Month aka NaNoWriMo, so I don't want to interfere with anyone trying to reach that 50,000 word count. If you want one, drop me a line! Either on twitter, cbox, e-mail, formspring... So many ways to contact me. Astounds me, sometimes.

15 October 2010

About time I updated, right? SKoW is on its downtime right now, so feel free to just enjoy the site and the stories archived here.

NEW PROMPT! I uploaded a new prompt! This one is near and dear to my heart, as I have been toying with the idea and actually been writing my own version of it. Check it out!

6 September 2010

So as not to confuse those who haven't been here these past couple days...

Please see post below.

The point of this post is to announce that SKoW has a FormSpring! (Laughter, crying, staring, etc.) Although we have the Cbox and the FAQ, it doesn't seem to be enough to answer all of your questions. So I've established a FormSpring! What is FormSpring you ask? Well, check it out!

Out of my own curiosity, I've also made a SKoW census, seen below. Please answer it!

4 September 2010

Hello there, darlings! I'll get right into it.

Confetti, applause, crying, shaking, etcetc.

The winners' graphics were created by Evie and Charlotte. Evie created the base image with some of the text, while Charlotte finished off the graphics by adding the award name, author, and title. These graphics were such a collaborative effort! Send the two of them much love for the speed at which they did the graphics. They had such a limited amount of time and they produced such beauties!

Please send your congratulations to the winning authors! They deserve it for all their hard work. :)

To finish off Round Ten, we present you with a Spain layout, made by Evie. We wanted to finish the round off with a South African layout, but due to time constraints, we were unable to. Another time, perhaps! We wanted to feature Spain because they did, in fact, win the World Cup, and as such should be acknowledged. Plus, Fernando Torres and David Villa are two of my favorite players. Send double the love to Evie for this!

To start off prompt season in between rounds, I've gone ahead and uploaded a new prompt! Check it out by going to Features > Prompts > In Progress. Prompts are ongoing in between rounds, so keep checking back at SKoW for a new prompt! I tend to issue them out once or twice a month in order to keep things interesting.

As always, thank you for your participation in this round of SKoW Awards. Here's to Round Eleven, coming to you Winter '10! :) ♥ And remember, gravity is not responsible for people falling in love.

29 August 2010

To make up for the fact that the winners haven't come out yet, here's the new Australia layout made by the wonderful Evie, who is also making the new award graphics. :) Send Evie lots of love for this one. Please be patient! Due to the unexpected delays this round, we've had to change plans multiple times. (Actually, I had planned for this round to be finished before classes started again since I knew I would be busy, but things don't go according to plan sometimes.)

Award graphics and winners will be released at the same time this week, Friday at the latest. Keep checking back -- they could be released earlier depending on how things go!

19 August 2010

The category of Most Humorous is now open for voting! You have until August 26th to cast your vote for Most Humorous. Remember to cast your final votes for the remaining categories! You only have three more days before voting officially closes and winners are decided. :)

18 August 2010

Again, another new layout. :) This one features South Korea. Beautiful colors, no? Credit for this one goes to Jamie, so send her much love! ♥ [For fans of the previous layout: The layout will return after the round is over. :) I wanted to feature as many countries as possible before the round is over, but I did take a liking to the France one.]

We have new Hall of Fame inductees! Please congratulate Deena, SouledChampion, Vena Cava, and Endless Dark on their achievements. Check out their stories and graphics at the Hall of Fame! The graphics were made by Cheryl, our resident graphics specialist. Send her love as well!

We also have some new Nominated! buttons made by the fabulous Angeline. I've had them for a while, but just neglected to put them up, which I do apologize for. Better late than never, right? Check them out here!

Most Humorous will be up soon. No worries! You will get a week to read and vote for the nominees as soon as they are released. Winners for that category should also be announced around the same time as the others. :)

11 August 2010

Woohoo! New layout! This one featuring France, of course. It's different from what we normally do. My graphics specialists are experimenting with various styles. Like it? Send much love to Charlotte for this one. ♥

Most Humorous will be opening soon, no worries. We just have to get the final nominees read. Almost 100 nominations came in this round, most of them coming in late, hence the incredible delay. It's like trying to read all the stories on the nominees list, plus the ones from last round! Be patient. :) In the meantime, go read the other nominees and vote! Surely you haven't voted in every category already?

New challenges were also added to the Yahoo! Group. You could always give those a shot while you're waiting? Round 11 is quite a few months from now, but it never hurts to start early. :)

5 August 2010

Some of the forms have malfunctioned and allowed multiple votes from the same person. I have fixed this error and reset the votes. Please vote again for the following categories (or vote, if you haven't already):

Best Het (Complete), Best Love Triangle (Complete), Best MC Portrayal, Best M-Rated (Complete), Most Memorable (Complete), and Amazing Wordsmith

Most Humorous and Best Chemistry will be opening soon. Please be patient! :) As always, any questions or reports of errors, drop us a line.

5? August 2010

Funny story, babies.

I've been operating the entire day as if it were Tuesday. Lo and behold, I check my computer's clock and it says Thursday.

I give you full permission to call me an idiot. I am calling myself an idiot. And laughing (like an idiot, coincidentally enough). Anyway. Updated nominees list is up. Some of the categories still are not finished, but I decided that there are enough categories that are finished that we will be able to start the voting period! Hooray! Keep watch on the voting page. All day on Thursday, voting forms will magically open one by one. Keep a watch on the nominees page as well. Nominees will magically fill up categories.

If you REALLY wanna know which categories are truly open, then you should check out my Twitter. I'll be tweeting updates on there as I do them. Forms will appear, to be sure, but are they the right nominees? Are they even the right forms?! Oh no! (I apologize to anyone who's subscribed to SKoW via cellular device and may be getting a buttload of texts within the next hour or so..)

My, hasn't this been a strange round. And now magic?! Strange, indeed. You never know, a new layout might magically appear, too.

2 August 2010

Voting will have to be postponed until Wednesday. We understand that many of you may feel unhappy about this, but frankly, there is nothing we can do about it. The reason we are so backlogged is because a flood of nominations (double digits for most categories) unexpectedly came in during the very last day of nominating. The judges have had to scramble to read those stories. In the future, please nominate earlier. We set aside the nomination period so that you have about a month to nominate. The first week should be the week where you nominate a few stories and you tell your friends to nominate a few stories. The next two weeks should be when the majority of nominations come in. The last week should be the "straggler" week, where a few nominations come in now and then. The week between nomination and voting period is usually reserved for judges to catch up with whatever stories they have to read. The earlier you nominate, the less delays we experience.

Please be reminded that we are a site run by people who love to read and write romance. We do not claim to be flawless, nor do we claim to suit everyone's tastes.

Please also be reminded that authors have feelings, as well. If you don't like a story, leave the author some constructive criticism on their story. We do not tolerate useless bashing. The Cbox is on this site so that there can be easy communication between all of us. Do not mistake it as something you can abuse.

28 July 2010

Nomination period has ended! Normally, this would be a "voting period has ended!" post, but due to a massive amount of nominations coming in last minute, the judges have not had enough time to get through them all. However, there have been a good number of nominees already put up. On Monday, voting will officially be open. (For real this time.)

Notice About Challenge Submissions: Challenges submitted after this point will not be eligible for Reader Voting. The voting form has already been made for the Challenge Response category. To submit a challenge, please send your submission to skowawards[at]gmail.com with the author, title, URL, and the challenge.

Some accepted e-mails have already been sent out, as well as rejections. Come Monday, nominees will be final. Please note that acceptance letters go to the author, not the nominator. Rejection letters go to the nominator. If you wish to see if your nomination was accepted, keep checking the nomination page as I update it.

As always, if you have any questions or any other feedback, drop us a line in the cbox or send an e-mail. My contact information is located on the "Contact Us" page. The judges' information are located on the Staff page.

23 July 2010

As you can see, the nomination period has been extended. The dates have been changed, as you can see on the sidebar.Whew! Thank goodness. There are a good number of categories that still desperately need nominations. They are as follows: Best Love Triangle (Incomplete), Best Lovers' Spat, Punk'd Award. The following categories have been closed for nominations: Best Chemistry, Best Series, and Best International. Most Humorous, Amazing Wordsmith, and Best Awkward Moment still need a few more nominees.

In addition, I am extending the deadline for challenge responses to be submitted as I will be putting up new challenges within the next few days. You may submit challenge responses until August 8. So get working! :)

16 July 2010

Best Chemistry has temporarily been closed for nominations. It may open again, but LilyAnna is currently bogged down with nominations. The other categories would like some love, however. Redirect your nominations to the mentioned categories below!

If you're having any issues with the nomination forms, please state your problem CLEARLY and state which category you were trying to nominate for.

13 July 2010

Woohoo! A bunch of new updates. :)

1. New layout! This one was again made by Nic, featuring the country of Japan. It's different from our usual site layout. Hope you can get used to it. :) Give her some mad props for this, yeah?

2. Nominees page updated! There are a few nominees already confirmed for this round. Hooray! PLEASE keep sending in your nominations. The judges are absolutely craving nominations. With the exception of the Most Memorable and Best M-Rated, the other categories are sorely lacking nominations. The following categories don't even have 10 nominations: Punk'd Award, Best Awkward Moment, Most Humorous, Best International. The other categories are sorely lacking as well. Focus your energy! Search through FictionPress! Give my judges some work to do!

3. Nomination forms are back up! After a brief switch-over to new forms, they are finally back up. If you experience any problems, drop me a line in the Cbox and I'll see what I can do. :)

More updates to come! Keep a look out! Tell your friends to drop by SKoW and nominate, yeah?

3 July 2010

Yes, there is a new category. I forgot to announce it last update! The Sweetest Treat Award has been replaced by the Best International category. Here is the description for it:

This award celebrates Round 10's theme of Around the World, which celebrates the FIFA World Cup 2010! It is for the story that best portrays the country that the story is set in. (For example: A story set in Japan -- story with really good and realistic descriptions of Japanese life, culture, and setting.)

I did a good amount of updating today! You may notice that the staff page, categories page, and About Us page has finally been updated. I've also done some minor fixes all over the site. If you see anything else off, please don't hesitate to let me know!

As you may notice, I've uploaded a new layout! For this round, I will be cycling through layouts very frequently so that we can cover as many countries as possible. Some layouts may only be up for three days, some may be up for five. Either way, no layout should be up for longer than a week and a half. :) At least, that's the plan. This layout is by the wonderful Nic once again, featuring the Netherlands. We thought it would be ironic that the Netherlands layout would be up after the Brazil layout. Heh. ;)

The winners' graphics have been moved to the Yahoo! Group. All of the winners' graphics from Round 1 onward are located in the Photos section of the group, so please check that out. The nominees page has also been updated to reflect our current nominees. Don't get too excited -- there hasn't been many nominations coming in. There's one official nominee on there, and it's a challenge submission. Speaking of which, send in your challenge responses as soon as possible! The one you see on the nominees page is the only one that I've had submitted for this round. There should be a slew of challenges appearing within the next few days to get you inspired and writing!

There will be new staff openings very soon. If you've been wanting to be involved in SKoW for some time now, get ready! (It won't be judges or graphics specialists, but new positions!) The applications should be coming out within the next few days. We want to welcome you into the Circle of Trust! Are you ready?

A good number of authors and stories will be entering the Hall of Fame this round! Please keep an eye out for those as well. Have a wonderful weekend! (And Happy [early] Fourth of July for you Americans out there!) ♥

29 June 2010

So. It's taking me hours to even upload this one update. :/ I'm going to be leaving my laptop to upload the files tonight (they're pretty big), so come morning tomorrow, the nomination forms should be ready, and the layout should be updated too! At this point, the upload should take about 6 hours or so. (This was posted at 10pm EST.) I should be awake for the next 6 hours and I'll be constantly updating the cbox with the uploading progress. Come keep me company!

Nomination Period Begins: June 30, 2010 (officially)

Update (11:22 PM EST): The nomination forms are now ready and uploaded. These are temporary forms as the site I was previously using has changed their policies. As a result, I am on the hunt for a different site to suit my needs. In the meantime, these forms will suffice. If you spot any problems, please report them immediately!

New layout to be uploaded within the next hour or so. Keep a look out!

Update (11:40 PM EST): It turns out my brother was hogging the internet and doing some heavy-duty downloading on his laptop AND the desktop. :| Silly brother. Internet is mine. :D Anyway. New layout! Hurray! Please give some mad props and crazy love to Nic, who is the maker of this wonderful layout. Our theme, as you may have guessed from the sidebar, is Around the World. In celebration of the World Cup (and because it's cool), the different layouts this round will be featuring different countries and displaying the beauty in those countries. Hurray!

I'm still working dilligently on some things (formatting the nominees page, for one). Keep a look out for more updates!

15 June 2010

Hey everyone! It's been a while, huh? A good two months since I officially updated the site. Not to worry! The site is still, in fact, alive, contrary to the rumors that have been floating around. The site is dead when I say it is. And I haven't said it. So. There. :)

I'm looking for new judges! That's right, our pre-round judge hunt is on right now. The application is located here (.doc format) and here (.txt format). Do not, I repeat, do not download the one off of the Yahoo! Group. That one is old. I will know if you did -- there are some slight differences. :) Use these links only! Send your completed applications to skowawards[at]gmail.com as an attachment. Do not put it in the body of the e-mail. Make your subject be this exact phrase: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." I will not read it otherwise. Make sure that you have the Judges' Duties and Responsibilities located here. They have changed from previous rounds, so if you've applied before, or you think you know what's going on, you may want to check again. Applications are due by June 24, so get crackin'!

As you may know, I started prompts in between Rounds 9 and 10 as a sort of experiment. Prompts will not be going on during rounds. They are strictly an in-between activity that will occur with more frequency. The past few ones have been experiments of mine. Challenges are still ongoing. There will be a slew of new ones to come, this I promise. :)

The theme is to be announced. I have decided to consult my graphics specialists instead of going with the popular vote this time, but I will pass on your ideas to them to see if there are any that they like, so keep sending those in! (I have also grown accustomed to using Twitter, so that and instant messaging is probably the quickest way to contact me at this point.)

Tentative dates for Round 10 have been posted to the right. Are you excited, or what? Not only is it World Cup Summer, but it's also SKoW Summer Round! Hooray! :D

15 April 2010

Hooray! As you may have noticed, a new layout was put up a few days ago. This particular one was made by the spectacular Nic, who's been with us for a very long time. We appreciate her so much, so send her ridiculous amounts of love. ♥

The winners' graphics have finally been updated! They've actually been done for a couple weeks now, but through various complex, unexplainable, and unforeseen circumstances (including being without internet, television, and any form of social contact for a solid week), I was unable to put them up. They are finally up, though, so go and admire them! If you see a mistake on any of the graphics, please e-mail Evie, who is the fantastic person who made this layout. Her e-mail is located in the "Credits" section of the sidebar.

There are two new prompts put up! They're called April Fools! and Sacrifice. Check it. :D There should be a few new challenges coming out within the next few days. We haven't had one of those in a while haven't we? Well, watch out! They're a-comin'!

Also, have you been over at the Forum recently? You should go there and explore around. Get to know the community!

14 March 2010

So ends Round Nine. Thank you to my terrific staff of judges and graphics specialists. This round could not have been pulled off without you. Literally.

Oh yeah. And there's winners too. :) ♥ CONGRATULATIONS!

Check back in a few days for award graphics AND a fantastic new layout to boot. (And a slew of new prompts and challenges.)

13 March 2010

So. Here's the news. The graphics are not complete. However, I do have the complete winners' list ready. You have approximately 24 hours to answer the following poll question. Majority rules.

4 March 2010

Since voting period started so late and I neglected to send the obligatory warnings to you all in advance, I'm extending it until Sunday. :) Get your last votes in! Make sure you've voted for EVERY category. Every vote counts! Many winners in the past have been decided by a few meager votes.

I have updated all the prompt links (or at least -- the ones that authors have sent me links). Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted a prompt response. They were all very entertaining to read. Go check them out!

We have a new affiliate! They've been around for a while and they're pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Check out Fiction With Bite, linked in our "Links" section under "Site". They feature supernatural stories of every kind and carefully archive them for your reading pleasure. Go on, have a look-see! :)

Look at this beautiful layout. It's all the work of resident judge slash graphics specialist Jamie. Send her MUCh love and admiration. She deserves it.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ You can vote now. New layout to come soon.

Also. There's a new prompt. The deadline for this one is February 20. Check it out. -->

13 February 2010

Oh, delays. Due to some unexpected circumstances, I was detained from being with my laptop until around midnight last night. And then, the site that I commonly use decided not to function. And after working for an hour, my laptop shut down on me and lost all my work. Peachy. Honestly, I am tired. I am completely exhausted and I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'm going to continue working tomorrow morning. I can't say for sure when I can finish it -- honestly, I don't even know any more. These unforeseen circumstuances that I was talking about have adverse after-effects I have to deal with. Suffice it to say, voting will definitely begin tomorrow. I will down coffee if I have to (and those of you who know me know how big of a deal that is).

Goodnight! I sincerely am sorry I am keeping you all in suspense. (In other news -- the semi-finalized list is up. I have to run another check on it before I can say for sure.)

2 February 2010

So. Nomination period is done. Give the judges about a week to finish reading nominations. Then give me a couple days to make the voting forms. And the voting period shall begin. :)

22 January 2010

Hooray for updates! This nomination period seems to be dragging. Where is everyone? There is not NEARLY enough quality nominations coming in. My judges are pouting themselves to death. Send in some more nominations! I've extended the nomination period another week (partly for my own sanity as well). GO OUT THERE! READ! COME BACK TO SKOW! SHARE!

I've also announced the prompt winner. (I know, finally, right?) They're linked in the sidebar. Thanks for participating everyone! Hey, do you know what holiday is coming up? Starts with a V, has a movie named after it coming out..

We've got some lovely new "I'm Nominated!" buttons made by our darling Angeline. Check them out! They're beautiful. :)

The nomination page gets updated every 5 days or so. Keep checking back!

4 January 2010

So. Jenina got things done. Here's what she got done:

1. New layout -- This is probably the most obvious update. Look, look, look! This one is made by the ever-wonderful Evie. I explained my vision of the theme to her and she knocked me out with this one. Isn't it a stunner? Send her much, much, much love.

2. Hall of Fame -- We've inducted some new Hall of Famers! Send some congratulations over to RockFan, lovelyhead (for the story Swish), and Vena Cava (for the story Heart Lotion SPF 20), our new inductees to the Hall of Fame! You can see their graphics by going to the Hall of Fame page. They're stunning as well. Cheryl made those beauties. Send her lots of love too! ♥

3. Prompts -- I was a little disappointed with the lack of participation in the prompts, but then I realized it was because I gave too small of a timeframe. I still want it to be a challenge to do, though, so I'm going to extend the time limit from one day to three days. That should give you sufficient amount of time to complete a solid one-shot at the very least. Remember -- these prompts are meant to inspire, not necessarily to produce the best piece of work ever. We're trying to revv you up to get writing. I am extending the deadline for the current prompt until January 7, 2010 at 1:40PM EST (GMT-5). If you had been working on yours but just didn't finish it in time, go ahead and submit it! Or if you're just starting a new one, go do that too!

4. Nominees (wooh!) -- I've put the nominees page up. It's starting to get some stories up on there, mainly in Best Challenge Response. If you have a challenge you're working on and you want to submit it this round, you have until the end of the nomination period to submit it!

5. Other general tomfoolery -- I've been combing through the site updating every page. Still a work-in-progress. If you see anything outdated, don't worry about it. I'll get to it. :) Have a wonderful day!

Oh, and quick note -- classes have started up for me already, so I may not be as quick to update as I have been these past few days. If you have any questions, you may send them to me or you can direct them to the judges. If they're not able to answer, they'll direct the question to me.

1 January 2010

Wow! It seems like only yesterday I began writing 2009 and now I have to get used to writing 2010 as the year. Crazy, isn't it? Anyway, you all are so completely amazing. You've jumped on the nominating immediately! I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. ♥

The purpose of this wasn't really to ramble. It's to tell you of a new feature that we have on the site. It's called Prompts. Here's an excerpt from the information page:

So the challenges aren't doing it for you, huh? You want something shorter and more thrilling? Well then prompts are for you!

Prompts are short, one-day challenges that the site hosts sporadically. In short, we issue a short writing challenge and you have exactly 24 hours to complete it upon its appearance on the site. Once you've completed it, you may submit it for consideration to be the winner.

Excited? I sure am. :) Check it out! It's linked to the right under "Features".

30 December 2009

My final update of the decade, and it's a big one. :)

ROUND NINE HAS BEGUN! Go nominate your silly little hearts out. Take note! There have been some changes, described below.

1. New categories! We dropped Best One-Liner and the "Once Upon A Time" Award. The former was dropped because while the idea was unique, the concept didn't exactly translate as well. We put the idea behind "Once Upon A Time" Award, which awards the first chapter of the story, and melded it with the Hook, Line, and Sinker Award. The subcategories Hook, Line, and Sinker Award is now for Title, Summary, and First Chapter, respectively. Best Universe's title has been changed to Best Original Universe. To replace the two dropped categories, we've added two exciting new ones: Best Drama and Best Tragedy. Look up their descriptions on the Categories page and nominate away!

2. New judges! Congratulations to Vanessa, Sarah, Candice, and Ellie! They have been welcomed graciously into the SKoW staff. Send them some love. They deserve it. ♥

3. New theme! It's Futuristic, to celebrate the beginning of a new decade. Think Wall-E and Eve. Yeah. That.

4. New layout (?) Not quite yet. This will come soon. Keep a watch out!

5. New affiliate! Say hello to Juliet at A Drop of Romeo. She's our new affiliate! Go to the Links section and check it out. :)

That's it! At least, I think that's it. The delay was due to my lack of internet connection, my lack of acess to my laptop, various distractions, etc. etc. Point is: it's starting now. So you should just nominate and forget about it. :)

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful decade -- here's more to come! Don't forget -- nominate, nominate, nominate! (nom nom nom?)

20 October 2009

It's time! I need some judges! I have about three (or maybe more?) spots to fill. Interested in being a judge? Firstly, I must ask that you read the Judge Duties and Responsibilities. They outline exactly what you'll be doing for three months should you be chosen to be a judge.

Next, you must fill out a judge application! You shouldn't stress too much about it, but give it some thought. Don't just fill it out on a whim. Here's the application, in .doc format and in .txt format. Follow the instructions outlined in the application itself. Best of luck to all you applicants!

The deadline for judge applications is November 27. Decisions should come out around December 12. No particular significance in these dates. I just like setting deadlines for myself. I may extend the deadlines if you request them to be so. :)

29 September 2009

So wow. It has been an incredibly long time since I've updated this site. I am deeply sorry for that, lovelies. Listening to Carol, Julia, and Le Meg's dulcet tones on Ask the Author inspired me to do work, however, so here I am!

Speaking of Ask the Author -- the new segment is out, featuring the lovely Le Meg. You may have read some of her stories (The Ghost Stone, Diamonds and Dust) before, so you'll know that she has a fountain of writers' knowledge to impart. It's an hour and a half of writing goodness. Particularly good to listen to while you're doing other work -- very calming sounds, but won't put you to sleep. Check it out by clicking the Ask The Author link under "Features". While you're there, we have our next featured author up on the page: the milk bottle. Send in your questions! Any questions concerning Ask The Author should go to skowinterviews[at]gmail.com.

This new layout is courtesy of our lovely graphics specialist Nic. No particular theme in general. I just thought it was pretty and I was getting tired of the brightness of the last layout. You all know I get tired of layouts so often. :) Send much kudos to NIc!

Keep on the lookout for a feature on our site called Writers' Resources. We're expanding our writers' resources section on the site to be more helpful to you as writers. If you have any ideas for this section, feel free to drop a line on the Cbox or send me an e-mail. I am always reading the Cbox despite the fact that I may not always respond. If I do miss any messages, my judges usually are able to respond accordingly or will notify me of anything that needs to be brought to my attention.

Here are some concepts I have planned for Writers' Resources: adopt-a-plot, character survey, tutorials, adopt-a-scene, character naming, read-this-book, links to useful "technical" sites, and writing exercises. I won't expand on these concepts quite yet, but it's pretty easy to guess what they are. If you have any ideas to add to this, please let us know! Some of the judges and I will be running this section and it should come available Round 9.

Finally, I have begun the process of processing judges and themes for Round 9. In about a week, I will be releasing the judge application. I have released the tentative dates for Round 9. Please consider both of these if you are considering applying for Round 9. Just a note to keep in mind! :) Goodness, this has been a long update. Let's end this. ♥

Oh wait! One last thing. SKoW needs your creativity again. We need more ideas for themes and categories for Round 9. So. Either post in the Yahoo! Group with your ideas or post in the forum about them. There are specific threads for them. Themes are here and categories are here. Feel free to react to any of the current categories. I live for your feedback. Go, SKoW-ers, go!

12 August 2009

Wow. This may yet be the first round I've never had to delay anything by any amount of days. Hours, yes, but not days. Wow. Give it up to our staff members for their tireless efforts in making things on time! :) Many, many thanks go out to our judges Julia, LilyAnna, Kit, Carol, Joa, Mel, KB, Nettie, Rose, Alex, Ashes, Katie, Cindy, Terra, and Jamie for doing a fantastic job this round. Also much gratitude go out to Nic, Leila, Jamie, Cheryl, and Evie for designing some awesome layouts and other various graphics for this round.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the winners of Round Eight. Send thanks, much love, and complete adoration to the always fantastic Evie for designing these beauties.

6 August 2009

NEW LAYOUT. I'm sure it was obvious enough. Haha. This new one is by Leila! we haven't seen her in a while, but I'm glad to have her back making wonderful graphics magic with us. Send her lots and lots of love for this delicious layout! ♥

Voting has now ended! And now the wait begins... The suspense. Is it killing you yet?

1 August 2009

Whoa, August already? It seems like yesterday that summer started and now it's coming to a close! Ahh!

SKoW has spawned a daughter site! They're currently still in development but they do need some help. If you think you have a little extra time to spare, head on over to La Campanella Awards and check 'em out. One of our own judges, LilyAnna, is in charge of the site, so they're in good hands.

29 July 2009

We have a new feature on the site! Thanks to the wonderful Carol and the lovely Julia, we have Ask the Author! It's a once-a-month audio interview conducted by Carol and Julia featuring your favorite authors. Feel free to submit a question to the authors by visiting the page, linked under "Features". The next episode will come out sometime toward the end of August or beginning of September.

28 July 2009

New layout up! :) Designed by Nic and coded by me -- as you may have noticed, I fiddled around with navigation for a bit. Let me know what you think. Keeeep voting!

22 July 2009

So this is a little earlier than I thought I'd put this up, but since I'm not actually going to be next to a laptop at 8pm EST tonight... Voting has now begun.. Now that you know that, let's get to the other news. (: I usually update the twitter account immediately so if you want immediate news, you should check there. This front page update is going to be a culmination of my Twitter updates, y'see.

Were you nominated for something this round? We have some really awesome graphics for you to grab made by our very own judge/graphics specialist Jamie. You can find them under the "Nominated?" links in the sidebar.

There are new categories/forums in the SKoW Forum. You should go check them out! Under Outside the Literary World, there's Romance. I've added a new category called Rounds where you can discuss anything about Nominating and Voting freely. Let the judges know what you think about specific nominees there. Do you think they fit there? Should they have gone elsewhere? Which stories are you going to vote for? What's your voting process?

Here's my checklist of things that I aim to accomplish in the future (some in the immediate, some in the near, some in the far-off): new layout, new SKoW Radio episode, polls about Round 9's categories/theme, winners' graphics, update "about us", upload judge duties to staff page (so all of you can see exactly what the judges have to do), restart questionnaires, get playlist rest, update forum... Anything else I missed? Gimme a shout.

Now... GO VOTE!

6 July 2009

Wooh! Alright, I'm back, everyone! Tons of new things in store now that I'm back in business. New staff buttons to go with the staff bios, an update to the nominees page, and a new affiliate. Much love goes out to the new Sweet Revolution Awards, an awards site similar to ours except its focus is specifically on slash. They're wonderfully slash-tastic and you should go check them out! They are just starting out and they do need some help getting things off the ground. Help 'em out, yeah?

And finally, we have Hall of Fame inductees! Please relay your congratulations to xoxluurve, mrdryrdrlngs, and star123 as they have been inducted into the Author Hall of Fame. Also relay your congratulations to punkturnedwriter and Le Meg as their stories The Champagne Gang and The Eleventh Annual Hide or Die Summer Challenge have been inducted into the Story Hall of Fame. ♥

1 July 2009

Happy July everyone! Crazy how time passes by so fast, huh? We have a new affiliate, everyone! Check out Undiscovered. This is what is says in their "About Us": Undiscovered strives to bring you those diamonds in the rough. The well-written stories that slipped through the crack, unable to capture an audience for various reasons. Maybe their summary didn't grab your attention. Maybe you never even ran across it. Our goal is to sift through the pages of FP stories, find the ones with potential, and bring them into the light of recognition. They're linked in our Links page to the left. Maybe some of their featured stories can be SKoW nominees? Who knows? You would know, if you checked it out. :)

I'm currently working on editing an episode of SKoW Radio recorded last Friday/Saturday. I should have it done before I leave for Virginia this weekend since I'll be without access to my laptop during that time. If you have any questions or comments and need to reach me right away over the weekend (Friday-Sunday), you can send me a message over Facebook (they go straight to my phone as texts) or send an e-mail to any of the other judges. They know how to reach me. The judges may also be able to help you out, so I should be your last resort this weekend. ♥

25 June 2009

New layout finally up. Much, much love goes to Nic who put this together real quick before she heads off on vacation. ♥

Please make a note that our newest category, the Sweetest Treat Award, highlights chapters of stories with overwhelming amounts of fluff, not the entire story. Please pick a specific scene in the story to nominate. One-shots may be nominated, as long as they are of significant length.

24 June 2009

Check it. Round Eight has officially begun! Get excited. (: Nomination forms are now open and the judges are ready for you to start nominating. I'm still working on the site but the most important thing is out of the way, so I'm happy. (:

You should be seeing some changes here in the next few hours as I continue to work on SKoW. A new layout, changes on the category page, new staff bios... just a lot of updates all over the place. (: Keep an eye out! If there's any error that you see, please feel free to report it. More likely than not, I may have already seen it, but I may not, so your reports are important to me. ♥

18 June 2009

SKoW is now on Twitter! Check us out: twitter.com/SKoWAwards. You should subscribe to us there if you want immediate updates. I have to admit, I don't usually update the front page or the Yahoo! Group about what I've accomplished unless I've accomplished a lot. So the Twitter page will be for those of you who want immediate updates as to what I'm working on, as well as reminders for the beginning of each round, voting periods, staff searches, etc.

The tentative dates for SKoW's Round Eight have been announced to the left. Please note that this round will be shorter than the winter round as I'm going to try to finish out this round before my classes become really intense at school (my final year!). Nevertheless, it should be a really great round. I'm really excited for the graphics. :)

ALSO! Note how short the voting period is. I recommend you nominate stories EARLY into the round. Nominate something for every category, and nominate early. This way, the judges can read the best ones and put them on the nominee list earlier. Then, you have more time to read them and vote on them on the first day! You really have to be conscious about the dates this round if you want to fully participate.

That's it for now! Check up on the Twitter page for more updates. I'll try to update it frequently. :) I probably won't be updating the front page until the beginning of Round Eight, so, til' then!

27 May 2009

Definitely supposed to be studying for a test right now. Instead, I choose to work on SKoW. Just shows how much I love you all. ♥

Look, look! It's a new layout! Isn't it exciting? Considering how much I check the website, I am driven insane if I keep the same layout up for too long. This one is made by a guest graphics specialist (we're putting her on trial!) Charlotte. Give her some crazy kudos. :)

Keep your judge applications coming in. We're going to be replacing at least 5 judges this round! Also, some Round 7 Nominated buttons are now put up. Sorry for the lateness. Better late than never, right?

We're finishing up the school year now ladies and gents. Get ready for summer and Round Eight! (Look, look, there's a new theme!)

20 May 2009

It's that time! Judge Hunt time! Have you always wanted to be a member of the staff at SKoW? Here's your chance! Fill out this form (but make sure you read these notes first!) and send it attached in an e-mail to me at skowawards[at]gmail.com. I will stop taking applications June 13, so you should start working on it now! :)

The files are also available for viewing in the Yahoo! Group Files directory.

On another note, I completely forgot to announce Challenge #31 - Ad Libitum. It's also located in the Yahoo! Group. Check it. :)

15 May 2009

Yay for May! I love May -- my birthday month (May 22!), almost the end of the school year, prom.. what could be better? (Let's ignore AP exams and final exams for now, yeah?)

We have a new affiliate! Check out RtHRoF, which stands for Reviewing the Hottest Romance on Fictionpress. They're exactly what they stand for. They're linked in the links section. Check 'em out.

We have some new "I'm Nominated!" buttons ready for you. Round Seven may get some buttons later on, but we'll see.

So I've pretty much figured out which theme to go with for Round Eight. Keep a look out for it! Round Eight will begin sometime in mid- to late-June. :)

13 April 2009

We have a new affiliate! :) Go and check out Tough and Dirty in the links section. They're wonderful. ♥

I also added a new challenge to the Challenges section in the Yahoo! Group. I know it's been a while so I thought I should put something up there. (: It's called: Challenge #30 - Unauthorized Biography.

10 April 2009

Finally! I know it's already Spring, but Winter Round finally ends -- with the winners being announced! Go check 'em out. Make sure that you congratulate the winners!

A new layout is on the way to being uploaded. Wait another 30 minutes or so and it should be up. :) Hope the wait didn't kill you! The layout is finally up now. (: Send mucho kudos to Evie, who designed this stunner of a thing. (:

As to the issue of Dark Cyan Star, a winner of Runner-Up and Judges' Pick for Best Breakout Author: Dark Cyan Star's stories were still up at the time of winners being chosen, so her awards will remain so it can be recognized that she did win initially. However, we will add an Honorable Mention so as to widen the range of the award's winners. It will be uploaded as soon as Cheryl and I can work out something. (:

4 April 2009

Yes, yes, I am aware that winners were supposed to be announced today. We've had some delays in getting the graphics and winners together (especially some of the Judges' Picks), but not to worry! I'm slating the final release to be completely finished by Friday. So winners will be announced on the 10th at 8pm EST. Have a wonderful spring break, for those of you who are on it! (I start mine on Thursday.)

22 March 2009

Voting has now officially been closed! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. It seems like yesterday I was fretting about the categories for this round... The winners' list is now being finalized and gathered together. As soon as they've been finalized, the list goes out to the Cheryl, our awards graphics specialist for this round, and to the judges. Get excited!

24 February 2009

Yes, the FictionPress system is down. You can still read stories, but your account is inaccessible and you can't submit reviews. -sigh-

Keep the votes coming! We're pushing past 150 votes on some categories and barely getting to 20 votes in others, so keep reading and keep voting! (:

23 February 2009

Let's clear up some misconceptions, shan't we?

Yes, there was a rule at the beginning of SKoW banning the nomination of Slash stories. It's because I wasn't comfortable reading slash stories at the time. To be fair, I asked for people to volunteer to be judges as I likely could not be trusted to be unbiased when it comes to Slash stories until I could be comfortable with them. I took on a team of judges most of whom said they were perfectly fine with reading slash. Those who weren't were specifically instructed to pass the nomination on to another judge who was comfortable with reading slash so as to remove any initial bias. I'm fine with reading slash stories now, but back then, I was uncomfortable reading them, hence the banning.

Also, if you read the rules, you'd realize that slash is allowed in all categories except for Best Het, which is only in the summer round anyway.

Haley, the judge for the Best Slash category, has not sent out a single rejection letter, but she has looked over every single nomination. I know that for a fact because she's had discussions with Paula (her Category Supervisor) and myself about certain nominations and often inquires after certain rules. (Also, I have access to her e-mail account where she's noted down some thoughts about each nomination.) I gave Haley the category because she is a fierce advocate for Slash fics and I knew she'd handle it well. In fact, she specifically asked to judge for the Slash category. She, like many of you in last year's round, was disappointed in the lack of nominations and votes for the slash category. Yes, she did do wrong in not sending out rejection letters, but do not accuse her "not caring".

On the subject of our supposed "cutting down" of the nominees: Not enough fantastic nominees were submitted that the judges felt could qualify for the category. Don't worry. You're not the only category that we "hated" on. We hated on Best Supporting Character and Best Non-Romance too.

I know what you're thinking! "Well then, why did you allow for Innocence Award to be extended?" Simple. Innocence Award had a total of two qualified nominees only for its Complete subcategory. In extreme circumstances such as those, I extend the nomination period for a bit. Otherwise, we'll have to deal with what's nominated during the nomination period. This is why it's important to be aware. *cough* Yahoo! Group *cough*

21 February 2009

Eek! I knew this was a long time in coming, darlings, but I've just now finished my second trimester at school and I'm officially on Trimester Break. There was a problem for the longest time when I couldn't update the site due to some network issues at my school. Then, the work load at school became so overwhelming that I couldn't find time to get off campus to steal some WiFi to update the site. So finally, let me welcome you to SKoW's Round Seven's voting period! Ta-da!

Give some mad props to Evie for this amazing, amazing layout that I just now got the chance to put up. ♥ Send some love to the judges too for working so hard to put this round together and keeping SKoW alive while I couldn't be there.

As always, if you see anything freaky or anything that should be fixed, let me know and I can get to it. (I have the time now! I'll be home until Wednesday!) Now.. it's off to the forum for me!

1 February 2009

So... apparently not. We'll need a little more time. I'm not really sure how much we'll need this time. You should expect it within the next week but I really can't promise anything other than that..

Goodness, this round is so rough on everyone..

30 January 2009

It seems as if the judges and I need some more time before the voting period can begin. I got home from school last night, but for the most part, I'll be sleeping while I'm home. (That's what being sleep-deprived five days a week does to you.) So I'm delaying the beginning of the voting period for another couple of days while I pull myself together. Thank you for your patience! You'll be greatly rewarded, I promise you.

In the meantime, I've updated the nominees page, so you can go read those while you wait so you can figure out who you want to vote for!

I've closed all the categories for Round 7 except for the Innocence Award. It's received a severe lack of nominations. Please direct your attention to that category! It will receive a special extension for nominating and voting.

18 January 2009

So this wasn't a big an update as I thought (mostly because I didn't finish as much as I wanted to), but here are some new developments!

The new forum is now up! Go check it out. It's linked to the left. (:

Also, the nominees list has been updated. Sweet! Some categories are closing as a result of this update: Most Creative Plot and Hook, Line, and Sinker Award. Keep submitting your nominations in this last week of nominating!

There should be an even bigger update next weekend. Just you wait!

7 January 2009

Just updated the nominees list. Sweet! Thank you for all your nominations so far. Keep 'em coming! I'd like to send a special shoutout to the following categories: Best Poetry (and remember to keep it ROMANCE, we are a ROMANCE site), "Once Upon A Time" Award, and Best Cliche (Complete ONLY) (we have plenty of possible nominees for Incomplete, but we are rather short on Complete ones).

Regarding the "romance" category controversy (hah, I feel funny using that word -- a little Supreme Court-ish, if you will): Romance is what we are defined by. However, there is a difference between a Romance and a story with some romance thrown in. A Romance is guided by the romantic endeavors of its characters. A story with romance thrown in does not a romance make. If you do not make Romance your category or one of your sub-genres for your story, this indicates to us that romance was not your main priority in writing the story and this distinction is what guides our judgment. If you have any queries, please feel free to bring them up.

This is the note that I sent out to a couple of my judges who had the same questions: My thinking is that Romance must be central to the plot, not just a side story. For example -- Harry Potter is not a romance, but it has romantic qualities to it; therefore, Harry Potter cannot be nominated in our awards. If the author puts Romance as a subgenre or categorizes the story as a Romance, then that is acceptable. Otherwise, you'll have to prove to me that romance is central to the plot.

Hope that helps clear up some things. (:

1 January 2009

Yay, the first update of 2009! I hope you all had lots of fun at New Years.

The category of "Hook, Line, and Sinker" Award is being split into three subcategories: "Hook", "Line", and, you guessed it, "Sinker". Each subcategory will have four nominees with one winner per subcategory and a Judges' Pick that spans the entire category. "Hook" is for the Best Title nominees, "Line" is for the Best Summary nominees, and "Sinker" is for the Best Title and Summary nominees. You'll see. It'll work out wonderfully. (:

As always, keep nominating! Don't neglect our new categories -- they need love, too! If you have any questions about any particular category, feel free to e-mail the judge in charge. Each judge's e-mail is located in the Staff page, linked to the right. If you have any other questions, I'm always hangin' around. Until January 4th, that is. I head back to school then, so I'll be stopping by and checking in, at most.

30 December 2008

The Hall of Fame graphics are fixed. Cheryl was very quick with them. (: Send some love her way!

Next on my to-do list that you should see popping up in the future: challenges up on the SKoW website, winners' graphics in the Yahoo! group, and SKoW forum with prompts. Have any more ideas for the site? Drop a line on the Cbox, the Yahoo! Group, or in an e-mail. (:

29 December 2008

Lookie who's done with everything! Let me just preen for a moment...

Anyway. Round Seven has begun! I'm excited. Are you excited? I'm excited. (: Go nominate to your heart's delight!

Do take note of a few things -- such as the Hall of Fame. We have some new inductees! Congratulate the authors, if you will. I'm sure they would love it. (Yes, I'm aware that some are misspelled. We'll get on that, I promise!)

Again, if you find anything funky, lemme know and I'll be quick to fix it. Maraming salamat! ♥

28 December 2008

Due to some personal health issues (I've been sick this past week), I haven't been able to accomplish as much as I'd like by the time limit that I've set for myself. So I'll have to delay the start of the round until 8:00pm EST December 29th, 24 hours from the time of this update. It will be finished by then, to be sure. Sorry to disappoint!

By the way -- you should check out the new category being added to this round: Best Poetry. Its requirements are located in the Categories page, linked to the left.

Also, congratulations to SKoW's new judges for this round! Please welcome Kit, Carol, Joa, Mel, Paula, and Shelly.

21 December 2008

I'm back! I've risen from the dead! Actually, I've been away at boarding school and I'm home for Winter Break for the next two weeks. Expect some changes to be occurring around the site! You probably see one of the most visible changes up now. This new layout was created by Evie, our wonderful new GS added to the staff just a short month ago. Send some love her way!

Speaking of staff, I'm not accepting any more judge applications. I am in the process of reviewing them. I'm adding about five or six new judges this round. It's exciting stuff!

The category list has been edited. There are three new categories that were added for the Winter Round: Best Universe, "Once Upon A Time" Award, and Innocence Award. Check out the category page linked to your left to see what it's all about.

Yes, darlings, challenges will be posted up on the site. I have this long to-do list on my computer right now. It's a full-length Word document, single spaced, 10pt font. Yeah. I've got a lot of stuff to do.

Challenges are sometimes very specific in their requirements, so the wonderful Teilse from the Yahoo! Group suggested an alternative: prompts! These prompts will be very, very short and generally non-specific to inspire a story within you. What do you think of the idea? Sound off in the Cbox or in the Yahoo! Group.

So this whole forum business.. I'm contemplating creating one on the FictionPress forums for everyone to post on. Would this be acceptable to everyone? Or would you prefer putting it on a different site? Again, sound off in the Cbox or in the Yahoo! Group. I'm eager to hear your remarks.

sigh I'll get to those Hall of Fame graphics eventually..

See anything funky-looking? Drop a line somewhere and I'll fix it. Much appreciated! ♥

19 November 2008

Look, look! We have a sister site! It's the TiRO awards, everyone! Yes, that's right. It's that site. SKoW ♥ TiRO, so we've adopted them as our sister site. They hold their round in between our rounds, so when our rounds are over, head on over there and start participating -- reach beyond Romance occasionally. (:

11 November 2008

Happy 11/11, lovelies! As an 11/11 present, I give to you the skowawards site back up, if a little rough around the edges. I don't particularly like the domain name, but this shall have to do for now as I work on getting my own domain (which may not be existent for a while). Tell your friends! It is, for now, http://skow.byethost18.com.

You've noticed the new layout, huh? This layout, my darlings, is created by another darling person named Evie, who's going to be joining the SKoW staff this year as a GS. Send some kudos to Evie! This is a somewhat preview of the new round's theme, which I won't announce until around mid-December. If you can guess it, then good for you! I still won't tell you. (: Unless of course, you happen to be a judge.

Speaking of judges, I am in fact looking for new judges! Yes, my dears, it is that time of the year again. Judge hunting! I'm not sure how many judge positions I have to fill as I have to confirm with my veteran judges if they'd like to judge for the site again or not, but there will be more than one position open to be sure. So if you'd like to be a judge, fill out the following form located here (Word format, preferred version) and here (.txt format, avoid if possible) and submit it as an attachment to me at skowawards[at]gmail.com

Hall of Fame graphics will be up... I'm not really sure when it'll be up, to tell you the truth. I can guarantee that it'll be up before the month is over, but I have no guarantees outside of that.

If you find any errors, please don't hesitate to report them by any means necessary.

4 September 2008

Hey everyone! Just an update to let you know what's happening behind the scenes.

SKoW Radio is still in production. We might have an episode of SKoW Radio up toward the end of August or early September. toward the end of September or early October.

There have been some intense discussions going on in the Yahoo! Group so you might want to check those out. (: I'll also be writing several new challenges come September, so keep an eye out for those.

Also, as a note: I'm putting the Challenges up for public viewing here on the site, and not just limiting it to the Yahoo! Group. However, please note that I'll probably only update that public viewing page about three times a year (depending on when I remember to update it), so your best bet is still the Yahoo! Group.

On a personal note: I started school back in August 18 and the coursework is starting to weigh down on me. I'll try and keep updated on the happenings here while I'm in school, but I can't really do much until I go home (which is about one or two weekends a month). My first weekend home is this upcoming weekend. Until then I can do quick replies and confirmations on the Yahoo! Group and on the Cbox, but if you send me a long e-mail and expect a longer reply, then it may take me a while to respond. Keep trying, though. I'll eventually answer. (:

Hall of Fame inductees are to be announced very soon. I was lucky to be able to find the time to write this update, but with my coursework, it's next to impossible to find a good amount of time to do homework, let alone work on SKoW. Don't worry -- it'll calm down eventually and I'll be able to quit stressing out so much. (: Plus, there's a trio of hurricanes/tropical storms on the way -- so more stress on that angle. Anyway. On with your day. (:

10 August 2008

You may have realized that more than a few things are new about our site! The winners of Round Six have been announced, with the addition of a new layout.

Give some love to Leila, who designed both the layouts and the award graphics. (:

9 August 2008

I know the wait is absolute torture, but you're going to have to wait another day! Something came up unexpectedly which has forced me to delay the winners' announcement one more day. Keep checking back, though! I might release them early if the problem can be resolved quickly.

2 August 2008

Yes, darlings, voting has now been closed. Hope you took your precious votes into consideration because I am now compiling a list of winners and judges' picks. Award graphics will be released in about a week. (:

31 July 2008

Whew! Talk about disappearance! I've been passive for the past half-month with all the craziness going on in my life. Anyway, this update is to let you know that I've uploaded an interview with author angels and effects in the "Questionnaires" portion of the site.

Also, some good news and bad. The newsletter idea will have to be put on the back-burner for the time being. I underestimated how busy I would be during the school year and how little time I'll have to commit to it. Perhaps winter break or next summer?

Now the good news. Julia, Rachel, and I have been collaborating to put SKoW Radio back up. We're thinking of making it available on Itunes. we're including new segments. The catch? New episodes will only be released once a month, with occasional specials (like holiday specials!).

12 July 2008

As promised, voting has been opened at 8:00pm. (Actually, it's a bit later, but let's pretend.) Click the link "Vote" to the left to begin!

Please note that there are new rules to this voting period, listed on the voting page. So if anything seems odd to you, read that first and you'll find out if it was meant to be that way or if it really is a mistake on my part.

As you may have noticed, I've unveiled a new layout created by GS vet Nic, who based her layout on the fairy tale Thumbelina. Send some love her way! (:

11 JUly 2008

To kill off some questions that I know are going to be coming, voting officially starts at 8pm tomorrow EST (GMT-5). (: I'm working on making the voting pages for the voting period at the moment.

If you've sent me an e-mail or PM within the past day, don't expect a reply until about Sunday. Don't worry -- I've read it. I just don't have time to reply at the moment. If it's urgent, I highly suggest you contact me through AIM, use the cbox, or contact one of the judges. If you use the cbox, one of my other judges will likely answer your question. (:

9 July 2008

And the final nominees list is up. (: The category of Most Humorous will be condensed into a Winner/Runner-Up type category instead of a Complete/Incomplete category. This means that the Complete stories will be competing with the Incomplete stories for Winner and Runner-Up, instead of the usual. This is because of the lack of nominees for Most Humorous (Complete).

Voting starts in four days. Exciting, no?

6 July 2008

And did a huge, huge update on the nominees list. (: Don't worry! This isn't the final update. My judges are just a bit behind is all. Nevertheless, it should quell your need for nominees for a little while -- at least, until the rest of the nominees come in and the voting period begins. (:

5 July 2008

In response to some inquiries about challenges: If you are on the nominee list, it doesn't necessarily mean that your story meets all the challenge's requirements. To be put on the nominee list, your story simply has to be complete and has to have the challenge requirements either in the beginning or the end.

How are they nominated? Simple. The author posts an advertisement for it up on the Yahoo! Group or sends me an e-mail about it. I see it and the story is automatically posted on the nominees list. Not really a lot of qualifiers there, but I check for those at a later time. (:

Last day of nominating! Get your last nominations in before the judges start submitting their final nominees in. (:

3 July 2008

The category of Best Chemistry has been closed for nominations. Also, I'd like to send out a shoutout for the categories of Punk'd Award and Happily Ever After Award. (:

30 June 2008

The category of Best Lovers' Spat has been closed for nominations. (: Last week of nominating, loves! Get your last nominees in while you can.

26 June 2008

I've added some "I'm Nominated!" buttons to the Nominated? page made by lovely Angeline. If you were nominated, please feel free to take one. (:

I've also updated the nominees list. Again, let me send a shout out to the category Best Lovers' Spat, which needs more nominees. (:

24 June 2008

There we go. A whole new batch of nominees has been put up. Not many, mind you, but enough. Keep nominating! I suggest placing special attention on the Best Awkward Moment category, which is lacking in nominees. Best Het, Best Chemistry, and Most Memorable have plenty of nominees, I assure you.

16 June 2008

Ouch. First day of work was painful. Anyway. Just to make it clear -- the theme has NOTHING to do with what stories can be nominated. The theme is purely for the graphics. Some categories like "Happily Ever After" may have been inspired by the theme, but it has absolutely nothing to do with it otherwise.

15 June 2008

I finished! I did, I swear it! I woke up around 8:30 this morning and have been working until 5:00 this afternoon to set up the site for Round Six. Whew. Now that Round Six has officially begun, let me tell you exactly what I've been up to today.

1. New layout. This one was made by our new GS Jamie and coded by yours truly. The image used is another one of those Annie Leibovitz editorials for Disney. I love them. (: Send some kudos Jamie's way!

2. New staff members. This was Jamie's debut layout on SKoW, but there are quite a few new staff members here. The new judges include Brigid, Cassie, Julia, Kyra, LilyAnna, and Melanie. Julia also doubles as a PR specialist, in addition to Rachel. They interview authors for the questionnaires. The new GSes include Jamie and Cheryl, who created the graphics for the Hall of Fame.

3. The Hall of Fame is here! Speaking of the Hall of Fame.. It is here! For more information, check out the link to the left. The Hall of Fame inductees cannot be nominated for any more awards since they've received our highest honor and any more would just be redundant.

4. New questionnaires. Julia and Rachel have been hard at work contacting authors and hitting them up with questions. The new authors this update are i found nemo, Em Wolf, mrdryrdrlings, and JD Allen.

5. New categories and category supervisors, plus category splitting. You may be wondering, "Hey! What happened to the other categories that were here?" Well, while you were gone, I made an executive decision to split the categories in order to make room for newer categories. Some categories were split up so that the winter and summer rounds could contrast (i.e. Het/Slash, Kiss/Spat, Wordsmith/Breakout) and some were split up just because I felt like it. This round, we have four new categories: Best Lovers' Spat, Best Series, "Dead Fic" Award, and the "Happily Ever After" Award. Go to the categories page to read each description. Be careful about "Happily Ever"! Just because it's an award for Best Ending doesn't mean that the ending has to be happy. Judges will also be doubling up as category supervisors to different categories. They serve to double-check the nominees that judges screen through and they will actually be the ones putting nominees up on the site. In essence, your nomination has to go through three people (that's including me!) to get on the nominees last.

6. And much more... Read the past updates since April 27 to find out what went on here while you were idling away elsewhere.

14 June 2008

Round Six will officially start at 8:00PM EST (I guess that's 20:00 GMT-5). This is to deflect the questions that I know will appear in the Cbox about when the round actually starts. I'm putting the site together piece-by-piece as you're reading this. (:

[EDIT] As I'm doing this, a few things may start acting up, so don't worry! It'll all come together before tonight's opening! In the meantime, have a listen to the playlist that Samma put together and take a gander at the Facebook group mentioned previously.[/EDIT]

5 June 2008

Loads of help came in response to my cry for help in the Yahoo! Group. I wanted to resuscitate the Questionnaires section and it is done so! (: I've uploaded new questionnaires answered by DancingChaChaFruit, i found nemo, xoxluurve, CuteButPsycho27, and CK Shorty. Check 'em out.

Lots of kudos goes to Julia, one of our new judges, who formatted the interviews that Mika conducted so quickly, allowing me to upload them equally quickly.

4 June 2008

Added an official "Challenges" page. If there's any information missing from there that you'd like to know more about, let me know and I can edit like crazy.

We're not accepting any more judge applications. (: Thank you, though! Also, if you'd like to apply to be a graphics specialist, I am still taking applications, but I'm no longer actively seeking them. If there should be a case where I am in need of replacement GSes, then your application will be right there handy. (:

25 May 2008

As you can see, a new layout has been uploaded to the site. This layout was made by our lovely GS vet Leila, who is back with us again this round along with our other lovely GS vet Nic. I will be taking on additional graphics specialists, one of whom will be debuting with the first official layout of Round Six. This current layout is a sneak preview, of sorts, to Round Six's theme. It's meant to hype you up for the new round. Are you hyped yet?

There are new buttons in the Links section made by Jamie. In addition, there were a whole mess of new challenges in the Yahoo! Group since I last updated on the front page. (If you've been keeping up in the Yahoo! Group, though, there's only one new challenge.) Also, a new questionnaire is on the way. If I have my way, I'll have it uploaded by tonight. It's actually an old questionnaire that I just now got around to working on.

22 May 2008

And the theme for Round Six is...

Fairytales! Although Seven Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues was a heavy favorite, I took a suggestion sent up through here and saved it for Round Seven. I thought it was just more fitting. (:

My graphics specialists have confirmed that they do in fact like the Fairytales idea, so it's all set! You'll see how we plan to pull off the theme when the round actually begins.

In other news, I'm still accepting judge and GS applications until June 1st. June 2nd, you'll receive notification of whether you are accepted or not. (If you apply to be a GS, you'll most likely get an acceptance or rejection letter right away. I have no limit on how many GSes should be on the site.)

If you don't think judge is the thing for you, keep hanging around. We'll need a whole new set of staff for the newsletter and editors usually need the same qualifications for judges.

Oh! And thank you for your birthday wishes over Facebook. My day has been fabulous and they just gave me the warm-fuzzies.

11 May 2008

By the way, the deadline for judge applications is June 1st. I didn't realize that I didn't put it up on here earlier.

In other news, I've moved all of the winners' graphics to the Yahoo! Group under "Photos". You can view all the beautiful artwork there.

10 May 2008

I finally began to iron out the details of Round Six in preparation for its beginning. As you may see, the dates for Round Six are posted to the left. We have a number of announcements, so read 'em and weep (or jump with joy, whichever takes your fancy).

1. Round Six is shorter. It's only going to be seven weeks long, instead of the usual two and a half months. This is mostly for my benefit, since I'll be working about 35 hours a week this summer and won't be able to spend as much time on the site as I used to.

2. There is only going to be 15 categories per round. However, the winter and summer round will feature two different sets of categories. This is so that we can have more of a variety of winners.

3. We need more judges and graphics specialists. Yes, my darlings, I am officially sending out a notice for judges and graphics specialists. Both applications can be found in the Yahoo! Group under "Files". You can find the judges application here. Fill it out and send it to me at skowawards[at]gmail.com. It's recommended that you read the Judge Duties and Responsibilities first, so you'll know what you're getting into.

4. What should the theme be for Round Six? There are a whole lot of new ideas that were tossed out there, so I'm finally putting them to vote. Go to my profile page and vote on the poll located at the top of the page.

5. Got any category ideas? We want 'em! We're adding several new categories to both Round Six and Round Seven, so we'll need all the new ideas we can get!

6. We're setting up a newsletter. The newsletter will be a separate entity from the awardings and will feature original works by the SKoW community. You can submit articles to the newsletter and it will be featured on the site.

7. And thus, we need a whole new set of staff. The newsletter staff will include editors, columnists, and layout designers. For right now, however, I only want to hear from people who will help design the layout of the site and will help actually put the articles on the site as they are finished.

And.. I think that's it. Whew. Long update.

27 April 2008

Just to make it official -- there's a Romance group on Facebook which Louisa (angels and effects) made. It's not a SKoW group, but a lot of us are on there. I'm joined up on there and I'm on the officer list, so if you feel like adding me, go ahead. (: Networking is fabulous. Just make sure you write me a message saying you're from SKoW so I don't get suspicious of you.

Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10876053502

22 April 2008

Ho hum. Hasn't been an update in a while, hasn't there? Well to speak plainly, there hasn't been anything to report on here. However, I became really annoyed at looking at the same message over and over again as I check the site every now and then so I decided to clear up this space and put something here.

So! What should you do while you anxiously await the next round of SKoW awardings? Here's a couple of suggestions!

1. Challenges - We've put up several new ones since I last updated here, so you should go and check 'em out. All submissions for the Round Six Best Challenge Response category are due on the last day of the nomination period. I already have quite a few here!

2. Suggest An Awards Theme - We would dearly appreciate any and all ideas and any comments on ones that were previously suggested. I do actually listen to you all, you know.

3. Suggest An Award Idea - As in, a category. Not officially asking for these yet, but I appreciate any that are sent in.

4. Read, Read, Read, Read (And Did I Mention Read?!) - We're not all perfect (as much as we self-absorbed writers would like to think we are). Thus, we must read others' works in order that we may steal their original ideas, warp it with our own, and slap a copyright on it. (I kid. Reading is just fun.)

5. Write, Write, Write, Write - So that readers can have something to read apart from shampoo bottle labels. (Lather, Rinse, Repeat!)

16 March 2008

Cue trumpets and wild excitement. We now reveal to you, the Round Five winners of the SKoW awards.

Of course, a lot of kudos have to go out at this time of year. Thank you to the Academy -- no. Haha. I kid. Lots and lots of kudos goes out to my lovely judges (Haley, Julia, Kamilah, Katie, Nicole, Joanna, Cherry, Samma, Megs, Lizzie, and Sarah), who have put up with me and my numerous e-mails pestering them for this and that and still managing to be amazing. Plenty of thanks also goes out to Leila and Nic, who have designed beautiful graphics for this round's theme. Also, many thanks to Angeline, who created so many small graphics that make large waves on this site, including the "I'm Nominated!" buttons and banners.

Special thanks goes to Samma, who kindly volunteered a while ago to do our playlist. Also, all the love in the world goes to Maj, who is currently springbreaking right now, for her endless amount of support while I stressed through this round and for helping co-host SKoW Radio. All my gratitude and grovelling goes to Emily this round, for she was the one who kindly stepped up and offered to make the award graphics (and made them in record time!).

And finally (before the imaginary Oscar orchestra plays me off the stage), all my love goes out to all of you out there who participate in this awards site. This site really is the little Award Site That Could and it definitely Couldn't without all of you participating and showing your support. It is all very much appreciated.

If you find anything misspelled or incorrect, let me know and I will handle it as soon as possible. There is one that we already know is misspelled ("Best Love Triangle" - Judges' Pick) and we're getting to work on fixing that.

7 March 2008

There is a very important poll that has been put up on the Yahoo! Group regarding the announcement of the winners and the release of the awards graphics. Here is the poll question as written:

There may be a delay in the release of the award graphics. Would you prefer to have the winners and the graphics released at the same time or would you mind a short delay for when the graphics are released?

Discussion over the tagboard is encouraged as I would like to get everyone's opinions about the matter. I also encourage you to e-mail me with your opinion (if it's too long for the tagboard or if you'd rather not post on there). If you're in the Yahoo! Group I would much prefer it if you voted there and then stated your opinion. I like solid numbers rather than who can argue the best.

2 March 2008

Voting has indeed been closed. (: You won't find the voting results anywhere! And Judges' Picks are strictly confidential. Unless you somehow connive your way into getting one of the judges to reveal them.

1 March 2008

Last day of SKoW voting is tomorrow! Get your last votes in! I will officially be taking down the voting page at 11:59 PM EST on March 2, 2008.

25 February 2008

Added a new game to the Games section! This game is called "Free Rice", which was suggested to us by Kristina. (Snaps for Kristina!) She explains it much better than I, so here goes: "They give you a word and four choices on what it could mean. For every answer you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to a fund to end world hunger. Not only can your vocabulary increase and make you smarter, but you're doing public good just to play. It think it's important (and it's very addicting). The money for the rice comes from, of course, the advertisments so they encourage people to support their sponsors."

It's actually really entertaining. I had to tear myself away from it to produce this update. Check it out! All games are under the "Extras" section.

18 February 2008

I've changed the way you can put in feedback for SKoW Radio. I figured the reason why not many people were giving a lot of feedback was because it took a lot of effort just to live a singular comment. So I decided to do this. I've hosted only the most recent episode on the site itself. All old (and the current) episodes will be archived on the Livejournal. Also on the current episode page, you will find a cbox that is completely separate from the one on the front page. You can use that cbox to leave comments anonymously.

Be reminded, you still can't leave song dedications on there. Those will still have to go to the Livejournal entry. However, questions and comments can be quickly left there and you can see what other people are saying. Does that help?

You can click here to view the most recent episode of SKoW Radio.

17 February 2008

So I've received numerous questions this round about our categories, new and old. So I finally decided to clarify specifically what each award is about (even if it seems obvious). I added an "In a Nutshell" bulletin to each category description under the link Categories. If you have any further questions, please check the FAQ first. If it's not there, then feel free to harrass me. (:

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! You may have noticed the new layout, made by our lovely Nic. Send your love to her! I've also uploaded a new episode of SKoW Radio titled Episode 8 - "Champion With A Side of Soul". This was definitely long in coming. You can go check it out by clicking the link to the left. As always, feedback is always appreciated. (SPOILER: We have a new co-host!)

You also may have noticed that FictionPress is currently down because they're doing a large overhaul. Since you won't have access to the FictionPress stories, why not try our other features? (Except, perhaps, Beta Classifieds, which is hosted on FictionPress.) We'll survive through this drought of romance (and on Valentine's Day, of all days!) together!

10 February 2008

New challenge up on the Yahoo! Group titled Challenge #23 - So Many Songs, But I'm Feeling So Lonely!. Also, new questionnaire up for the author pixy-dizzy. I should get another questionnaire and a new episode of SKoW Radio up sometime this week. It was really windy today and I lost power for most of the day (a tree fell on a power line), so I wasn't able to get that much done. Keep voting, everybody!

6 February 2008

The category of Best Non-Romance has been opened for voting. (: Also, I've uploaded a new challenge to the Yahoo! Group titled Challenge #22 - Things That Really Do Go Bump In The Night. This challenge was written by our very own judge Megs. Kudos, Megs! ♥

3 February 2008

SECOND UDPATE: I added a new challenge to the Yahoo! Group titled Challenge #21 - Soups Are For Bowls, Not Football in lieu of the Super Bowl being today (and I, being an intense football fan, both American football and soccer, will of course be watching).

3 February 2008

The author jmarit17 has requested for her stories, which are currently nominated in several stories, to be taken down from the voting page -- a request which I have honored. Her stories will still appear on the "View Results" page, but I have made it so that you are unable to vote for her anymore. Her reasons are described in the following e-mail to me:

Hey :)

I was really happy to be nominated, though of course there were a couple catagories i was confused about :P But none the less, i love your guys site and go there to find things to read since i don't have a lot of time to search through FP for fics... but after reading the side bar chat thing, and seeing my story mentioned... i really don't want my fics up there. Especially if people think it's just because my fics are more known that it happens to be leading in a catagory. In truth, it's only kinda known because i have a lot of people who read my fanfiction . net stories and so they also read my FP ones. It really isn't my fault but since that's how people see it, like it's unfair or something, I really don't even wanna have anything to do with it.

Thanks. I'm gonna go vote now :P

P.S. You're guys' site is really great and not biased at all. It isn't your guys fault who's fics are popular or well-written and who's isn't. Thanks for taking the time to even start a site and everything and don't listen to the somewhat rude comments people seem to be leaving. Though i'm sure you're not anyways :P
Thanks again.

Penname: Jmarit17.

Please. If you are criticizing the site, criticize the site. I only ask you to respect the authors who are nominated and to refrain from calling out a specific one. Also, if you wish to criticize the site, I ask that you provide suggestions to fix what you think is wrong about the site. If you have a problem with the judgement of the specific judge, we've always given you leave to notify said judge and argue your case (hence, the "Contact Us" page). If you don't agree, well. It's not like we're forcing you to participate, yeah?

(Whew, this was a long note.) This site was made for the entertainment of Romance lovers out there, so let's stick to that. Agreed?

2 February 2008

Voting for Best Chemistry has now commenced. (: Voting for Best Non-Romance is still pending, but we'll get back to you on that!

1 February 2008

VOTING HAS BEGUN! That's right, loves. I'm finally done. Although I was a bit rushed when I put it all together, so if you find any mistakes whatsoever, let me know and I'll rush to fix it. (: Happy voting!

1 February 2008

I know, I know. You're thinking, "WHERE'S THE VOTING PAGE?!" Frankly, I don't have it done yet. It's taking much longer than I had originally planned. I'll have it done by the end of the night, but in the meantime, I've added some of the Best Chemistry nominees (there are more to come, and yes, the category is still delayed for voting) which you can read while you wait.

To put it simply, I'm a bit frazzled and short on time (and patience). So if you have any questions, put them in the tagboard and hopefully one of the SKoW staff will be hanging around to answer your question. If not, then you'll just have to wait until I finish. See you in a bit!

31 January 2008

Voting will commence tomorrow at 7:00pm EST. There have been a couple of issues with communication and thus Best Chemistry and Best Non-Romance (Complete)'s voting will be delayed, but all other categories will be open for voting at 7:00pm EST, to be sure. Thanks for all the nominations, you all! You've been absolutely fabulous. (:

27 January 2008

The categories of Most Memorable (Complete and Incomplete), the "Hook, Line, and Sinker" Award, Best Slash (Complete), and Best M-Rated (Incomplete) have now been closed for nominations. Tomorrow's the last day to nominate stories and submit challenge responses! Get nominating, lovelies. (:

26 January 2008

I know that the nominees page doesn't reflect it (there are issues with the system we're using, but when it gets fixed, I'll update) [It now reflects it, errors fixed], but the categories of Best Het (Complete) and the "Punk'd" Award have now been closed for nominations.

25 January 2008

The category of Best Breakout Author has now been closed for nominations. Only three days left until the nomination period closes! Get your last nominations in. Focus on the following categories: Best Love Triangle (Complete), Best Non-Romance (Complete and Incomplete), Best One-Liner, Best Slash (Complete and Incomplete), and "Hook, Line, and Sinker" Award.

22 January 2008

The category of Best Awkward Moment has now been closed for nominations. Take note that I won't be too present this upcoming week since I'm starting a whole new batch of classes and I definitely need the sleep that I've been giving up for the site since school started.

20 January 2008

The category of Best Villain has now been closed for nominations.

19 January 2008

Aha! I've spent this rather snowy day here in Carolina working on Beta Classifieds, a new feature sponsored by SKoW.

The Beta Classifieds is a forum on FictionPress where you can volunteer to be a beta-reader, request a beta-reader, and everything in between. The link to the forum is to the left.

17 January 2008

New buttons for those of you nominated! want to show, not tell, your readers that you're nominated? Angeline has made several new buttons themed for Round Five for your use. You can put these on your personal blogs, websites, wherever. These are hosted on imageshack, so feel free to direct link.

They are located under the new "Nominated?" link on the navigation.

14 January 2008

[QUICK EDIT] The category of Amazing Wordsmith has now been closed for nominations. Thank you! [/QUICK EDIT]

I've uploaded a new questionnaire after much delay (which was partly my fault), but here it is! This one was filled out by a certain authoress named Myrika, who has won numerous awards here at SKoW and is up for a couple more this round. While no one can really be the ultimate expert on how you should go about writing your story, it wouldn't hurt to have someone else's opinion, wouldn't it?

Here's a link to her questionnaire, along with a questionnaire filled out by Emma (Dillusional) quite a while ago.


I do warn you that Myrika answered her questions quite thoroughly (so much so that I think she's written a novel just answering the questions!), which delighted me to no ends. She even answered them in parts (I think at one point it went from Part A to Part J). Enjoy!

13 January 2008

The category of Best Love Triangle (Incomplete) has now been closed for nominations.

9 January 2008

The categories of Best Kiss and Quirkiest Chapter Name have now been closed for nominations.

8 January 2008

It's around three in the morning here. Goodness. Anyways, the category Best Het (Incomplete) has now been closed for nominations. Yay! Keep nominating. (:

In my school, we have four classes per semester and we have finals after each semester is over. Well. I'll be having my first set of finals on Friday, and then next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Safe to say, I'll be very stressed out for the next oh, week or so, and my time on the computer will be limited. So if you sent me an e-mail, it may be a day or two until I reply (which is unusually slow for me, I know). Anyways, after that I have about a half-a-week break and I'll get right back into the swing of things. Ta, loves!

Also, shoutouts go towards the following categories which are lacking nominations: Punk'd Award, Best One-liner, Best Awkward Moment, Best Villain. These are all new categories, so support your favorites and nominate!

5 January 2008

You know what I realized? I haven't been putting 2008 at the end of these updates..

Anyways. I've put up new restrictions on the categories of Amazing Wordsmith and Best Breakout Author. They are very, very specific, so if you're looking to nominate an author for either category, please go read the new restrictions on the Categories page. (My judges were generally going by these guidelines while they were choosing nominees, so I thought I'd make them official rules now.)

4 January 2008

The category of Best One-Shot has been closed for nominations. Great job, everybody!

Somebody (I don't think they left a name) had suggested in the tagboard that we start a forum and I said I would think about it to see what I could do with it to make it different from the Yahoo! Group. So I thought, what about a Beta Classifieds? Or. Well. You all can probably come up with a better name than I can.

Basically, those who wish to beta for others can post threads on here stating their name, what fiction they prefer the most, their critiquing style, and their e-mail address. It's like a Classified, almost! And you, the writer, can contact the betas of your choice to request his or her beta services.

What do you think? Good idea, yes, no? Do you think you'd be interested in requesting for a beta? Do you think you'd be interested in being a beta? Let me know in the tagboard or in the Yahoo! Group (I'll post this same exact message on the Yahoo! Group, so you can reply on there).

3 January 2008

The categories of Best MC Portrayal and Best Supporting Character have now been filled, and are closed for nominations.

1 January 2008

First update of the new year! The category of Most Creative Plot (Complete) has been closed, meaning that the entire category has now been closed for nominations. Keep nominating, loves!

31 December 2007

[EDIT] Spread the love! Here are some categories feeling the neglect. They've all had five or less nominations submitted. Here we go! Best one-Liner, Punk'd Award, Best Villain, Best Challenge Response, Quirkiest Chapter Name, Best Non-Romance, Best Awkward Moment, Best Supporting Character, and Best Kiss. [/EDIT]

Happy New Year's Eve! Hope you're all doing well. I've finished putting up the new layout, made by our lovely graphics specialist Leila. Send some love to her!

I've also put up a new episode of SKoW Radio titled "Episode 7 - 'All for the Sake of Entertainment'". It features me and Anna, and our new segment titled "Great Debaters". Check it out at the link to the left!

Again, if you spot any errors, don't hesitate to point them out, no matter how slight they may be!

29 December 2007

New challenge uploaded to the Yahoo! Group: "Challenge #19 - Don't Say Macbeth!" This one was written by Joanna, another one of our judges. (: Also, the category of Most Creative Plot (Incomplete) has been filled. Nominations have been closed for that category!

28 December 2007

Second update today. (: I've added two new challenges to the Yahoo! Group: "Challenge #17 - The Uncliche" and "Challenge #18 - And it All Falls Down". They were made by our judges Cherry and Julia, respectively. Check 'em out while you're nominating. (:

And speaking of nominations, I forgot to tell you this yesterday in all my excitement. You'll only be able to submit three nominations a day per category. So that means. Well. you can submit (23x3) nominations a day (you can do the calculations there).

28 December 2007

And as the clock strikes midnight, the nomination period begins...

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, SKOW! Goodness, has it really been that long..?

If you've been living under a rock -- or just haven't visited the site since last August -- you've missed out on a lot of things.

Here's a brief list:

  • the creation of SKoW Radio!
  • the relocation of SKoW
  • the reformatting of SKoW
  • the return of the playlist, and the addition of a song request form
  • the addition of numerous staff members (whose buttons are being made at this moment)
  • the addition of numerous categories
  • the creation of author interviews, and questionnaires! (located under "Extras")

    That's brief. There's more. Check the past updates on here and on the old SKoW site (which now serves as just an archive) to see what went on!

    24 December 2007

    Merry Christmas to you all who celebrate it! And a Happy Holidays to everyone else who doesn't! I've been working on some last minute renovations on the site, and here are the fruits of some of my labor -- song requests have returned for the SKoW playlist!

    Song dedications will still go to the SKoW Radio, but song requests shall now go to the SKoW playlist. Just go to the music page under "Extras" for more information and a link towards the request page.

    Samma was very kind in volunteering to take care of the playlist in addition to her judging duties. Send her mucho love! ♥

    16 December 2007

    Jenina's back and she's better than ever -- hey la, hey la, Jenina's back! (Sing to the tune of "My Boyfriend's Back" -- you'll get it!) I finally got a new computer today, "for Christmas" of course, but after much wheedling on my part, I was able to open it early. I don't have any of my old files and programs yet (I'm working on that!). It might take me a good week or so before I can get everything back up.

    This does mean that I will be able to update things faster, be more available, aaaand, I'll be able to get SKoW Radio back up and running by next week! (Hopefully.) Keep your fingers crossed, loves! ♥

    13 December 2007

    Welcome to the site! As you see, the updates page has been cleared. You may see the old updates at the freewebs site if you so wish. The old freewebs site will now just serve as an archive site rather than an actual functioning site.

    Many thanks to Nic, who put up with my perfectionist tendencies and put together such a lovely layout. She also designed the corresponding banner on the freewebs site to point you this way. Send her some love! (Oh, and a very happy [belated] birthday to our lovely Nic, whose birthday I had just recently discovered [I was supposed to upload this layout to the site about a week ago, but I've had to make numerous changes since then] to be December 3rd.)

    We've switched everything to PHP so everything is much more easily accessible and won't open inside iframes (I really despised iframes -- I spent many hours grumbling over them yet trying to work with them at the same time). Iframes are convenient, but they just won't work for a site like ours.

    Again, I still don't have access to my laptop (and I most likely won't until after Christmas), so updates on here won't be frequent. The best source for updates would be the Yahoo! Group. You can find the link to the Yahoo! Group under "Subscribe". The link to the C2 Community is also there.

    If you see any broken links, please report them immediately. Thanks!