Whenever you see the term "challenges", it refers to our writing challenges, which gives you certain parameters that you must meet in order to properly answer the challenge. They serve to stimulate your muse and provide you with inspiration. They have requirements, optionals, and "not allowed"s. Each challenge is unique in that it may have length requirements, a plot that has to be followed, objects that need to be referred to, etc.

Note: These challenges are long-term and do not ever expire. You are free to answer any challenge you wish. They are not the same as our prompts.


The challenges are located on our Tumblr under the tag "Challenges".


Technically, there isn't a deadline. These challenges are meant to inspire you. However if you want your challenge response to be considered for the "Best Challenge Response" category for the upcoming or current round, it will have to be complete by the time that it is submitted. In addition, you must submit the story before the nomination period within the round of your choice is over. You can even submit it before the Round begins! If you submit it after the nomination period is over, it will be considered for the following round.


To submit your story for award consideration, either post an advertisement about it in the Yahoo! message boards, send me an e-mail at skowawards[at], or fill out the Best Challenge Response form provided on the nomination page. Be sure to include the title of your story, your penname, which challenge you answered, and a link to the story.

You can submit as many responses as you'd like. There are no limits here.

Challenges don't have to be from the SKoW site. They can be issued from other sources (i.e. ficathons, etc.). As long as you link to the challenge properly, it will count.


The story must be complete. There are no minimum/maximum length requirements for all challenges. However, some challenges have minimum/maximum lengths to them, so watch out!


I (Jenina) judge these personally. I'll be going through and reading the challenge responses myself. The winners will be announced along with the other winners in the other categories. The winner and runner-up are chosen by me and the last award for this category ["Best Challenge Response (Readers' Pick)"] will be voted on by the general public.