Past Prompts

P7: My True Love Gave To Me

Prompt: Write about a couple's romance using 12 drabbles inspired by the "Twelve Days of Christmas" gifts. Each drabble must be centered on a different "gift". None of the drabbles can be centered around any holiday (birthdays being the exception). Challenge issued December 4, 2010 at 1:22AM EST (GMT-5).
Twelve Days of Jeremey by Zoe Elizabeth -- Honorable Mention
How Sweet It Is by ms silverquill
12 Fortunate Events by Casie J.
His Favorite Numbers by potogold
Somewhere Only We Know by Scheherzade -- WINNER
Trying Your Luck by Lily Llynn

P6: ABCs

Prompt: Write about a couple's romance using 26 drabbles (or short blurbs) that use all the letters of the English alphabet. Challenge issued October 15, 2010 at 5:26PM EST (GMT-5).
26 Words about Silence by Armith-Greenleaf WINNER
Words That Mean Nothing by Ryhona
From A to Z: The Tale of Grace and Alex by Zoe Elizabeth
Acoss a Crowded Room by CutieSOS
Consistency of Real Love by fallingstar13 WINNER
Alphabets of Love by Yas 'Yz' Shah

Yes, there were two winners for this challenge. After days of deliberation, these two were still caught in a dead lock for me, so I decided rather than hogging them to myself, I would release it to the public instead.

P5: Shuffle

Prompt: Put your music player of choice on shuffle. Take the first five songs and write a short drabble about each song. Pick your favorite song and use that song to tie the other five drabbles together. Challenge issued September 4, 2010 at 5:40 PM EST (GMT-5).
Me & My Punk Rock Princess by color thief
Extinguished by LaMouette83 -- WINNER
Just Because I Kissed You Doesn't Mean I LIke You! by Ryhona

P4: Sacrifice

Prompt: Forty days. I have to last absolutely forty days without [insert pronoun here]. I'm going to die. Challenge issued April 15, 2010 at 7:32 PM EST (GMT-5).
Forty days by Dysfunctional Smile
Dear, Jason by Minor Masterpiece -- WINNER
40 Days with my Vegan Mother by KeitaWolf
Postscripts to Daniel by viviank
Letters for Ryan by emm297

P3: April Fools!

Prompt: Why am I always the one being played for the fool? This April 1st, it's time to get revenge. Challenge issued April 15, 2010 at 7:32 PM EST (GMT-5).
There were no entries submitted for this prompt.

P2: Stupid Cupid, Stop Pickin' On Me

Prompt: This is the most complicated Valentine's Day ever. Challenge issued February 20, 2010 at 4:44 AM EST (GMT-5).

My Meaningless Existence at the Frozen Yogurt Shop by the milk bottle.
Caught in the Headlights by Sophiesix
How to Fake It by Julia2Cj
Single Awareness Day by Just Silly Me
When I'm Sick by Lady Macbeths Murderer
Valentine Wars by firefly114 -- WINNER
Cheap Romance by Sparkling Acrobat
Chasing Clues by flowingypsy

P1: Happy New Year!

Prompt: Everyone sets New Years' Resolutions like "I'll lose 10 pounds this year!" or "I'll finally do what I really want to do!". Well, what you really want to do is not lose weight or do what you've always dreamed of. Your resolution is bizarre. When you tell people of your resolution, they laugh. Then they stop laughing because they realize you're serious. In your endeavors to fulfill your resolution, you run into spots of mayhem. What could your resolution possibly be? Write a story about it! Can be in either first or third person point of view. Challenge issued on January 1, 2010 at 1:40 AM EST (GMT-5).

Grandma by Aderyn Azula
Kissing You and the Rest by Sparkling Acrobat
Nude Model Needed by MaeMaes
Skulls in the Closet by Rentboheme and Morine -- WINNER