So the challenges aren't doing it for you, huh? You want something shorter and more thrilling? Well then prompts are for you!

What are they?

Prompts are short, three-day challenges that the site hosts sporadically. In short, we issue a short writing challenge and you have exactly 72 hours to complete it upon its appearance on the site. Once you've completed it, you may submit it for consideration to be the winner. Some challenges may give you more time. Read all of the prompt's specifications just to make sure.

When do they happen?

Generally, they appear around holidays or any kind of special events. There's generally no advanced warning as to when they happen. I may give out hints of them happening through Twitter or on the Cbox. The point is, you must keep visiting the site and checking up on them. As a rule of thumb, I try to start challenges around holidays and other special days during the year. If something big is going on in the world, I will issue a challenge about it.

Where are the current prompts?

They are located here: click me!

Where do I submit it?

You can use this form here: click me or you can e-mail me at skowawards[at] with your penname, e-mail address, title of the story, and the attachment. The stories should not be archived on FictionPress before you submit it to the challenge. After results come out, you are free to archive it on FictionPress.

When do results come out?

Results are released between 1-3 days after the closing of the challenge.

How do we know when the challenge began?

Each challenge will be posted with a time stamp next to it. The time will be in EST (GMT-5). You have exactly 72 hours after that time to complete the challenge and submit your piece. You may not submit the piece for consideration after that time period.

What do we get for winning?

Your story will be featured on the sidebar of the SKoW website. EVERY page on this website will be advertising your winning story until the next winner is announced. Neat, huh? A great way to get a new readership for your work!

All participants' stories will be mentioned in the site. Whether or not you choose to archive the submission is up to you. If you do choose to archive your submission, you must send the FictionPress URL to me at skowawards[at] and I can link to it. I will not host winning stories on the site itself.

Where can I see the past prompts and prompt responses?

They're located on this page: click me!