Hall of Fame

Welcome to the illustrious Hall of Fame. Being inducted into our Hall of Fame is SKoW's highest honor bestowed upon an author and his or her stories. To be inducted, an author must have at least two award-winning stories, with the total awards won being at least five. Considering how many authors are awarded each round and the limited number of categories, this is indeed an accomplishment. For a story to be inducted, the story itself must have won at least three awards total in three separate categories. (If the Complete/Incomplete or Winner/Runner-Up is the same as the Judges' Pick, it only counts as one.)

Each inductee is given a banner that was tailored to their particular author personas, with an accompanying avatar that he or she may display in the FictionPress profile, as FictionPress allows. All of these graphics were made by Cheryl, our resident GS. If you're an inductee, feel free to snatch any of the graphics for yourselves. After all, they were made for you to use.

If any of the links are broken, it is because the author has chosen to remove their story from FictionPress.


Here are the Author inductees, in alphabetical order. Click on each author's name for a brief summary of their achievements and their work, as well as to view their graphics.

All Over You
angels and effects
Hate to Hope/Bleeding Air
JD Allen
Le Meg
the milk bottle.
Vena Cava


Here are the Story inductees, in alphabetical order. Click on each story's name for a brief summary of its awards won, as well as to view the graphics.

All Along by KNE
Beating the Game by Lord Iron-Balls
Heart Lotion SPF 20 by Vena Cava
Hello Kitty by Endless Dark
Hiring a Hooligan by Deena
Honourshill by Harmonized
Marrying the 'Vitch' by Deena
Reality of Fairy Tales by Pareathe
Swish by lovelyhead
The Champagne Gang by punkturnedwriter
The Eleventh Annual Hide or Die Summer Challenge by Le Meg
The Matchmaker by StormDancer
The V Word by Lulai
Queen of Glass by S.J. Maas
Want, Take, Have by SouledChampion