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Created: December 28, 2005
Categories: 16/Round
Rounds: 12
Staff: 20
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Let's start off with the basics, shan't we?

The Creation of SKoW

Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards (shortened to SKoW Awards, or SKoW... sometimes just skow, actually...) was created on December 28, 2005 by two people: Jenina and Linda. (Linda isn't a part of SKoW anymore, but she was an original founder.)

Now, December 28 happened to be during Winter Break. Of course, not going anywhere during that Winter Break, Jenina and Linda were bored stiff. They braved through the winter, surviving mainly on food, water, and FictionPress stories -- sleep was somewhat overrated then.

Seeing as how Linda was getting as obsessed with these FictionPress stories as she was, Jenina decided to bring forth an idea that had been lingering for quite a while. "Why not make an awards site?" They talked about it a bit more, becoming more enthusiastic by the minute. Finally, they decided on a name -- "Some Kind of Wonderful," Jenina suggested, remembering the '80s movie -- and decided who would do what.

Linda would be the "outgoing" person, of sorts. She would be controlling the e-mail that sends outgoing e-mails. Jenina would handle receiving the nominations and feedback, posting them on the site and such. Jenina would also be designing the site and its graphics (also with the actual maintenance of it) with careful guidance from Linda.

Thus, Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards was born. Yes, we're well aware it's a mouthful to say, which is why we encourage shortening it to "SKoW Awards", "SKoW", or just plain "skow". We do it. You can too. ♥

What's Up With The Long Name?

Well, the name of the site originally came from the '80s movie Some Kind of Wonderful. I just love that movie and it could be shortened easily to "SKoW". And saying SKoW out loud is easy enough since there isn't a slur of unmatching nouns and vowels. (For example, the NAACP. Try saying that out loud. Na-ah-kuh-puh. No offense meant to them, whatsoever.. just using their name as an example.)

Innit catchy, though?

Now and Then

SKoW's experienced a number of changes as we've progressed. Firstly, Linda, one of the original SKoW owners, no longer is associated with running the site. Jenina and her current staff members listed in the staff page help keep the site functioning.

Secondly, quite a few categories have been retired and some renamed, including Best Horror, Best Quizilla story, and Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

Next, the categories were split up between the summer and the winter round so that neither round would feature the same categories, nixing the "every other round rule", effective as of Round Seven.

The largest change of the site was likely the move from Freewebs to our hostess's site, changing our URL to, a more appropriate URL for our site. From there, it moved to and eventually it ended up with our current incarnation, courtesy of Sasha,

The addition of many, many new staff members and new features round out what has made SKoW what it is today. Without the volunteering of many romance lovers, SKoW would remain a sad, sad version of what it is now.

How Does SKoW Work?

A SKoW award is given out during rounds. There are two rounds a year, one during the summer and one during the winter. Each round consists of a nomination period and a voting period, each lasting a month three weeks long, as of Round Six. (The only exception to this is if there are no more open categories and Jenina will close down the nomination period early.)

You will be able to nominate stories you think deserve an award during the nomination period. Then, when the nomination period is over, there will be about a week until the voting period begins. You will then be able to vote for which nominees you think deserves to win the award. At the end of the voting period, the voting page will close down and there will be a week or so of waiting for the graphics specialists to create the graphics. Then, the winners will be announced and their graphics will be placed up on the Winners page.

You do not vote during the nomination period. You wouldn't believe how many people try to vote during the nomination period. It doesn't matter if you nominate a story more than once in the same category. It doesn't receive any more recognition because it's nominated more than once. The judges will be reading the story all the same. (I'm not very happy when my nomination forms are wasted.) You may read the nominating rules here. You may read the voting guidelines here. If you have any further questions, please consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first. If it's not on there, please direct them to skowawards[at] where I (Jenina) will answer or to the staff members, whose e-mails are listed to on the staff page. You can also post them up on the Yahoo! Group, or post it up on the cbox where I will either answer you myself or some other helpful user will answer your question for you. You can also tweet me @SKoWAwards or post on our facebook or even send in a question via FormSpring. There are many different ways to contact us!