Some Kind of Wonderful // it takes more strength to [ let go ] than to hang on


Along with the Nomination Rules, there are specific requirements for each category that must be fulfilled. Each category, with the exception of Best Challenge Response, has a judge and a category supervisor. Once you nominate a story, it goes first to the judge. If it passes the judge, it will continue to the category supervisor, who then double-checks that every requirement has been met. The category supervisor then posts the nominee up to the site.

Any questions should be directed to the judge, not the category supervisor.

Fall Round

♥ Best Het

♥ Best Slash

♥ Most Creative Plot

♥ Best One-Shot

♥ Best Original Universe
  • Judged by Jackie
  • Category Supervisor: Meagan
  • Sub-categories: Winner, Runner-Up
  • Six stories nominated total.
  • In a Nutshell: This award is for the best fictional universe. This means that the story cannot take place in reality. This can range from magical realism (example: real life, but children rule the world) to completely original universes (example: Middle Earth).
  • Requires a brief description of the universe in question and how it differs from reality.

    ♥ Best Challenge Response

    ♥ Best Kiss

    ♥ Best MC Portrayal

    ♥ "Hook, Line, and Sinker" Award

    ♥ Best Confession