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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wait.. so how does the "Round 1", "Round 2" system go?
First of all, let me state this. The Round system is NOT like boxing. We used to hand out our awards semi-annually, but now they are handed out annually during the Summer (from around June-August). A set of winners will be announced for Round 1. Then, a whole new batch will be nominated for Round 2. A set of winners for Round 2 will be announced. Then, a whole new batch will be nominated for Round 3. And so on. You can check what the current round is on the side navigation.

How often do you plan to hold the awardings?
As mentioned, we have one round going on every year. We originally held these awards during the Summer and Winter, but as the years have gone by, we wanted to have a bit more time in between rounds so that new stories have time to be written and older stories can be updated.

What websites can we nominate from?
All other websites are applicable, as long as they don't require an account to access the stories and they provide the necessary information (title, author, word count, summary, etc.) for the category in question. These websites include, but are not limited to: Livejournal, FictionPress, Authonomy, WordPress, and WorthyOfPublishing.

Huh? Why does it say that the next round is coming during the summer? It's winter here!
The site is operated by me, Jenina, and I live in the Northern Hemisphere. The majority of our users are also in the Northern Hemisphere, so thus the site operates according to Northern seasons.

Why was the Best Quizilla category retired after Round 2?
Quizilla stories are formatted in such a way that is not easily accessible to the regular reader and the general quality of the stories submitted left a lot to be desired. Until Quizilla changes its system itself, we will not accept any nominations from the website.

Why was the Best Horror category retired after Round 1?
We decided to retire it because of the lack of interest in the category. For both subcategories, there was only one author who had stories in it. That author was Bleeding Air/Hate to Hope (yes, they're the same person). Since the same story can't be nominated in the same category twice in a row, there were really no stories left for this category. We then replaced this category.

Why are other categories on the old nominees/winners lists no longer present?
For some reason or another, these categories were retired. Some simply were not getting enough nominations, while others had name changes so as to clear up confusion (Best Makeout Scene became Best Kiss, for example).

Where is [INSERT CATEGORY HERE]? Has it been retired?
Firstly, check the Categories page. If it is not on there anymore, then one of two things could have happened to it.

1) It could have been retired. Retired categories include: Best Horror, Best Quizilla Story, Best Genre-Specific, Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi, "Dead Fic" Award, Innocence Award, Sweetest Treat Award.
2) It could have had its name changed. Best Portrayed Hero/Heroine -> Best MC Portrayal. Best Makeout Scene -> Best Kiss. Best Overall Romance -> Split to Best Het/Best Slash. "Once Upon a Time" Award -> "Hook, Line, and Sinker" Award.

If the category in question is not listed here, then it most likely will return for a future round, just not this particular one. Best Challenge Response is the only category that is guaranteed to remain for every round. The others come and go at my whim.

Nominating & Voting

I just nominated a story and I don't see it on the nomination list. Did it not go through?
First, check your inbox. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail? No? E-mail the judge in charge of your category. Their information is located here. The category information (including who is the judge for each category) is located here. Ask the judge for a confirmation on whether your nomination has been received or not.

Nominations do not go up on the nominees list immediately. Once you nominate a story, it goes to the inbox of the judge in charge of that category. The judge will read your nomination and decide whether or not it is suitable for the category. If it is deemed unsuitable, you will receive a rejection e-mail. If it is deemed suitable, it will be passed on to the category supervisor, who will serve as a final quality inspector for the category. If the category supervisor passes your nomination, it will appear on the nominees list. If not, then you will get a rejection letter stating otherwise.

Do the judges read all the stories before they appear on the nomination list, or did my nomination not go through?
The judges read all the nominations before they appear on the nomination list. That's what they're for. (: If you want to see if your nomination went through, just contact the specific judge in charge of that category (as stated in the previous question).

Once you nominate someone, what does it take for it to be an official nominee?
The nomination will be read by the judges, who in turn will decide whether the nomination meets our qualifications and doesn't break any of the rules. While we think that you all know your Romance well, sometimes you forget a rule and nominate a story which, say, had won in a previous round in the same category and therefore can't be nominated again. The judges are sort of like a filter system. (:

Is there a limit as to how many stories I can nominate?
You can only nominate three times per category per day.

What URL is it asking for in the "URL" box?
It's asking for the URL of the story, unless otherwise noted on that page. For example, if you were to nominate a story for "Most Humorous", you give the URL to the story. But if you're nominating a story for "Best Kiss", you give the URL for the specific chapter where the kiss in question is located.

How many times do you get to vote?
This is mentioned in the Voting Rules. You can only vote four times from the same IP Address during our voting period (which usually lasts four weeks), meaning you can only vote once a week.

Where's the link to nominate?
Read the directions carefully and read the rules carefully. :)

How are nominees picked, exactly? Do they just pick the first ones nominated that meet the requirements? Or is it that the more times a story is nominated the higher chance that it makes it as a nominee?
Julia (a judge here at SKoW) answered it best. Most of the judges at SKoW do wait until toward the end of the nomination period. We look and weigh each of the qualified nominees against one another. All judges do this, although they have different approaches. The categories probably will not be filled at the end of the nomination period, as judges will finish reading those nominees coming in last minute.


Who is actually writing all the stuff on the site?
That's me! I'm Jenina, the owner of the site. Since I'm just a poor student with an appreciation for romances, I have to write out everything on the site, including the coding. However, Nic, my wonderful wonderful graphics specialist, has taken to coding her layouts herself and just giving it to me to adapt it for the site. So if you ever see anything that's in first person, that would be me referring to me. :)

How do you become a judge?
Sometimes, I send out notices asking for help with the site. An application form will usually accompany that notice. The judges in SKoW are judged themselves. They had to send in thorough application forms and the ones I chose showed me that I could trust them with the nominations. If you wish to become a judge, just wait. As the site grows, I will always need more staff to help maintain it. Some judges come and go, and I may need replacements. Do not, I repeat, do not ask me to be a judge on SKoW unless I specifically send out a notice asking for them. I never send out notices to ask for judges during the actual round itself so if you want to be a judge, hang around in between rounds and watch out for the "JUDGES WANTED" notice.

Can I be part of the staff?
Drop me a line at my e-mail (consult Contact Us page) and tell me what you think you can contribute to the site. If you can't think of anything, just list your talents. If you have no talents, then well. Your answer is no (and I highly suggest getting one). (:

Where's the Yahoo! Group?
It's under the link "Subscribe" on the sidebar under "Site".

What's the theme for?
The theme is mostly for the graphics for the site, although the theme has inspired a few categories. For example: The theme for Round Six was Fairytales, which inspired the "Happily Ever After" Award and the "Once Upon A Time" Award. Otherwise, the theme has no bearing on the awarding of stories.