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These are the amazing, amazing people who work together to keep SKoW functioning. If you want to join this select group of people, please consult the FAQ here. When using the e-mails listed here to contact any of the staff members, please remember to replace the [at] with @.

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Jenina -- Owner, Webmistress, Judge, Everything It goes without saying that I love to read and write. I'm very optimistic in nature and I like referencing pop culture in regular conversation. I was born Filipino, but I am a naturalized American living in the South (hence the use of Southern colloquialisms such as "y'all" and "ain't"). I get bored very easily so I love keeping things interesting and I am insanely competitive. I created this site because I was bored one winter break and I wanted to combine two things that I loved -- romance and pretty graphics. My puppy is named Pepper and she is the love of my life even though I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me.
First Round with SKoW: Round 1
FictionPress Username: Jenina
Google Talk/Hangout/+: skowawards[at]
Skype: skowradio
E-mail Address: skowawards[at]
Twitter: SKoWAwards and JeninaRivera

Kerri -- Assistant, Intern, Judge, Padawan, Everything Greetings and Salutations, Dear Reader. 'Tis Kerri, Jenina's Assistant/Padawan/Real-Life Roommate. I am college student double-majoring in English and Media Production. My interests include sleeping, Les Miserables, reading, writing (I'm Thurayyah on Fictionpress.), eating copious amounts of macaroni and cheese, doing impressions of Shakira, and singing/screaming "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with Jenina. I'm very excited to be not only judging for SKoW, but to be learning the ins-and-outs of the site as well. If you have any questions or concerns about SkoW or you can't reach Jenina, feel free to contact me. (I literally know where she sleeps. :D ) It's going to be an incredible round, y'all!
First Round with SKoW: Round 13
Contact: kerri.skow[at]

Graphics Specialists

Nic -- GS (Layouts/Awards)
First Round with SKoW: Round 3
Contact: b1ue_sapphire[at]

Cheryl -- GS (Hall of Fame/Awards) How to start? I'm Canadian and still a student at my lovely school. I actually started graphic-making a little more than a year ago, and I fell in love with it by the first week of working with Photoshop. Of course, back then, my graphics were... displeasing to the eye, or, to put it plainly; they sucked. I guess, like most people, I stumbled upon SKoW when reading author's profiles. I've lurked around the website, reading the stories, the questionaires and listening to playlists instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing. But hey, a girl needs a break, during studying, eh? Just when I decided to join the Yahoo! group for the challenges, Jenina started accepting applications for judges and GS's, so.. I thought, what the heck, why not try? You can probably guess the rest.
First Round with SKoW: Round 6
Contact: cherisaplooza[at]

Evie -- GS (Layouts) I'm fifteen, and I live in England. I'm currently doing my GCSEs, and next year I'll be going to college for my A-levels (physics, chemistry, maths and politics - I think I'm probably quite strange for actually enjoying them). I like reading, writing (badly), singing (badly), eating (I eat so much chicken chow mein that our local Chinese takeaway gives us free prawn crackers every time we order), dancing crazily to old Busted songs (ditto Steps, S Club 7 and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and sleeping. I spend far too much time lingering in bookshops and libraries when I go shopping. I never really did graphic design when it wasn't linked with web design - my first ever foray into the two was re-designing my Neopets profile, back when I still had an account. It looked and worked awfully, but from then on I just loved fiddling with code and graphics.
First Round with SKoW: Round 7
Contact: eviehoworth[at]

Charlotte -- GS (Layouts, Awards) I'm your typical teenage Asian expat with a penchant for Photoshop just trying to get through life. I have the occasional whimsical thought or two, but the majority of my time is usually spent reading, listening to music, and my all-time favorite activity, eating! Website design used to be a hobby of mine, and I even had a website of my own (called, of all things, Sushipower! and yes, the exclamation mark was a part of the name), but now I just design the occasional mix CD cover for my friends or to post on my livejournal and of course SKoW layouts whenever inspiration strikes. I lurked around SKoW for awhile, way back when I still attempted to write stories on FictionPress, until I finally plucked up the courage to apply to be a graphic designer, and voila, here I am writing this bio. So you're probably bored of reading this already so I will just add one last little random tidbit: Even though my animation skills and film-making credentials are pretty much nonexistent, my dream job is to work at Pixar Animation Studios! (:
First Round with SKoW: Round 8
Contact: xcharizarrd[at]

Erin -- GS (Layouts) I'm Erin - a 20 year old college student studying English and also a part time Starbucks barista in the US :D Graphics are just a side hobby of mine when I'm not writing research papers or making caramel macchiatos at work. I'm excited to be part of SKOW's staff and look forward to designing more for the website.
First Round with SKoW: Round 12
Contact: ering91[at]

Elena -- GS (Awards)
First Round with SKoW: Round 13
Contact: efflorescent9[at]


Nettie -- Judge It seems like just yesterday that I was juggling my first round of SKoW (Round 8) with my first trip to America, and now I'm onto Round 13 and planning my second trip to America later this year... time flies! I first discovered SKoW about five years ago, I began as a lurker and then ventured out of obscurity... I grew up in a teeny-tiny town in north-east Victoria, Australia,that no-one's ever heard of, and I also used to call Melbourne home, but now I'm living in central Victoria. Unfortunately, I joined the 'real world' about 2 years ago, and now work full time as a lawyer, particularly doing family law which I swore I'd never do. I am an lover of all things romance, and I love reading nominated stories to escape the seriousness of work. I love to read, Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors, and I adore the Harry Potter series, but I'll pretty much read anything! I'm a huge fan of Australian Rules Football (Go Carlton!), soccer, and tennis, but you'll never see me actually playing sport - I have no co-ordination! You might see me lurking in the cbox, but feel free to send me an email - I love meeting new people!
First Round with SKoW: Round 8
Contact: nettie.skow[at]

Ashes -- Judge Damn... I've been a judge since 2009, SKoW and I could have a toddler by now. Am I the only one who feels like it was just yesterday that I was lurking in the shadows of the internets, searching for beautiful literature... and suddenly I found myself at SKoW! It wasn't long until I acknowledged Jenina's call for judges, my lurking ceased, and here I stand (or rather sit) before you: Ashes. I am a proud Canadian, finishing up my double major in English Literature and Classic History. My life is consumed with reading and writing, and in my spare time I nerd out with some video games. I drink more tea than the rest of my family combined, and I love to talk, so feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or ever just want to talk. Much love <3
First Round with SKoW: Round 8
Contact: ashes.skow[at]

Cindy -- Judge I'm a 19 year-old who attends college in sunny Southern California. My Fictionpress username is charleymania. I like watching anime, reading books, manga, and newspapers, listening to music, hanging out with friends, writing stories and poetry, discussing philosophy and debating issues of the world, contemplating society, listening to the wind in the trees, relaxing, chatting, and finding new and interesting things and people, and also read online fiction (the last one is a given)! I discovered SKoW quite a few rounds ago but never actually decided to apply, but I'm really glad that I did. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures. Hit me up anytime for a chat!
First Round with SKoW: Round 8
Contact: cindy.skow[at]

Candice -- Judge 'Shy' is synonymous with Candice, which is why I'm perceived as aloof at times, but I will talk your ear off... eventually. My interests range from reading and writing, to animals, and playing sports (soccer anyone?). Books are very much a part of my life, and currently my favourite authors are Katie Flynn, Sophie Kinsella and (don't get me started) J.K. Rowling. I've an unhealthy obsession with all things green, and a Harry Potter nut. Recently, Supernatural has become my obsession. I'm currently waiting and excited at the prospect of going to university to hopefully study Veterinary Science.
First Round with SKoW: Round 9
Contact: candice.skow[at]

Ellie -- Judge Hi everyone! I'm Ellie, and I'm 18. I've gone through about two hundred random nicknames, and this was the one that seemed to stick the most. I'm a first generation American, as my family is originally from Brazil. I'm a college freshman this year in Boston, and I love it. My goal is to graduate from a nursing BS program and travel around to help people who need it. I have a huge love for music and dance, as well as reading. I love cheesy romance novels; they just make me smile. I'm a huge sports fan, especially hockey and basketball. Go Bruins!
First Round with SKoW: Round 9
Contact: ellie.skow[at]

Sonika -- Judge I'm 20 (almost 21!), and going into my third year of nursing school at a university in Rhode Island. I'm still mourning my teenage years since being an adult (kind of) sounds scary. I've been around since Round 9 and it feels a lot like yesterday. I love any kind of romance novels, but I've been on a historical kick lately, even if they make me feel like I was born into the wrong time period. I'm a huge Boston sports fan, mostly hockey. I love all kinds of music and I'm a proud superhero geek. I'm convinced that I'm going to grow up and marry Dean from Supernatural, even if he's a fictional character...and married. A girl can dream.
First Round with SKoW: Round 11
Contact: sonika.skow[at]

Meagan -- Judge I’m an eighteen-year-old insomniac that lives in a state shaped like a mitten. This year I will be attending college to study biochemistry; hopefully, I will someday attend medical school. When I am not playing with enzymes and proteins I enjoy reading and talking to my pet rats. In lieu of a more interesting persona, I will bombard you with facts that you can take or leave: In high school, I won a trophy for being voted Best Laugh, I have a phobia of the ocean, and sometimes I can’t tell whether or not I’m being sarcastic.
First Round with SKoW: Round 11
Contact: meagan.skow[at]

Drew -- Judge I'm Drew, I like potatoes and hippos and Japanese things; よろしくお願いします! I'm sixteen; I'm moving to Singapore in August, and I like to think I'm really cool [but I'm not]. Nice to meet you!
First Round with SKoW: Round 12
Contact: drew.skow[at]

Jackie -- Judge Howdy! I'm Jackie, a 25-year-old (woa! old!) geography teacher from Texas. I’m a television enthusiast and an ice-cream-aholic who enjoys playing around in the kitchen and lives in cardigans. I love green tea, kayaking, video games, and stories that end in happily ever afters. Sometimes, I like to write. More often, however, I can be found reading.
First Round with SKoW: Round 12
Contact: skow.jackie[at]

Grace -- Judge Hello. I'm Grace, however my name is epithetical (at least physically). I'm a 17 years old Christian and in the last year of school. I am British, but don't live there at the moment. I like to think I'm witty , although most don't seem to grasp my wit. Of course, I love reading but I also love tv and film. I say I write, but we really know that means just staring at a page for hours daydreaming and editing a few sentences. I love the characters in my head, and I hope to be able to share them someday. I have issues with concision so I'm just cutting this bio here.
First Round with SKoW: Round 12
Contact: skow.grace[at]

Bree -- Judge I'm Bree. I have what I like to call, "old librarian glasses". I like long walks to Starbucks, watching movies, making clothes, writing fiction, and going to bars in my free time. Above all those things, I enjoy staying up until four in the morning reading, which has, in turn, led me to SKoW. Before becoming a judge, I made it a mission to read every story that has been nominated for my own guilty pleasure. Three applications later and I'm finally a judge! I'm so excited for this round to begin!
First Round with SKoW: Round 13
Contact: skow.bree[at]

Sophie -- Judge Greetings! I'm Sophie, or The Smile Machine on FictionPress. I'll be starting college in the fall as a pre-business/Economics major, though creative writing will always be my beautiful escape. I'm a bit of a dark romantic, with a penchant for arrogant boys, magical romances, and intrigue, which many of the stories on SKoW offered. I started relying on SKoW to help me from filtering the good from the bad on FP. I run, write, read, and have accounts on every social networking site known to man. Oh, and I'm so very excited to see what this round brings!
First Round with SKoW: Round 13
Contact: skow.sophie[at]

Gracie -- Judge I live in New Jersey but in the northern part, near New York City and far north of the Jersey Shore. I love pop culture, Korean dramas, 90's boy bands (still waiting for the 'NSYNC reunion), reading, watching sports and viewing romantic movies. I'm a huge fan of anything that involves love and romance. One late night while I was reading online stories I stumble upon the SKoW site and was a fan ever since.
First Round with SKoW: Round 13
Contact: gracie.skow[at]