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Twitter is a quick-update site. You should subscribe to us there if you want immediate updates. I have to admit, I don't usually update the front page or the Yahoo! Group about what I've accomplished unless I've accomplished a lot. So the Twitter page will be for those of you who want immediate updates as to what I'm working on, as well as reminders for the beginning of each round, voting periods, staff searches, etc.


Our Facebook page is run by SKoW staff. By liking our page, you'll be able to see our updates on your own Facebook feed! Many important updates will also go here first rather than on the front page. Front page updates will condense all recent goings-on. Reminders also go out on our Facebook page.

C2 Community

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The C2 Community above is where all of the winners on is archived. To subscribe, you must have a FictionPress account. In the above archive, you will be able to see the summaries, ratings, reviews, etc.

Yahoo! Group

Yahoo! Group features: winners' graphics, feedback community, challenges for "Best Challenge Response", etc.

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